Live updates for Tonight’s Rallies – Thursday, 5 May 2011

Live updates for Tonight’s Rallies – Thursday, 5 May 2011

The rallies tonight will commence at 7pm. Our volunteers on the ground will bring you the latest updates.

Workers’ Party rally: Throngs of people strolling into WP rally at Serangoon stadium. Estimated about 1,000 present already.

Spotted at WP rally: an audience carrying the now familiar Kate Spade signboard and another in the shape of a hammer.

WP rally: Mr Pete Pang, 61, was in a wheelchair when he arrived at the Workers’ Party rally site. He made his way all the way down from his house at Commonwealth just to see the last day of the WP rally.

45 min before Workers’ Party rally starts and Serangoon stadium seats completely filled, at least 4K people here already.

Beautiful weather at Serangoon stadium. Stands are packed and half the field is full. Many still streaming in to the stadium.

WP rally: Pritam Singh just arrived to cheers.

Homemade sign with words: “George Yeo for President” by member of public at Serangoon stadium (WP rally). Crowd cheers.

Another placard at WP rally: “Dawn of a new era – May 8”.

WP’s Gerald Giam arrives to loud cheers of support.

WP’s Glenda Han next to arrive.

SPP rally – about 100 people, evenly split between field and grandstand.

Overhead at SPP rally – “Sylia Lim best speaker, followed by Nicole Seah”.

Crowd chanting spontaneously, “Worker’s Party! Worker’s Party!”

WP rally – Chen Shao Mao arrives. The crowd goes insane and yells “Chen Shao Mao! Chen Shao Mao!”

SPP rally – Benjamin Pwee and Jimmy Lee working the crowd.

WP rally, Somasundaram arrives.

The whole slate of WP candidates have now made their way up to the stage. Crowd goes fanatic.

WP rally: Emcee Koh Choon Yong opens the rally in English and now Mandarin. He addressed all of the GRC and SMC residents in wards they are contesting. Crowd is very responsive, cheering and answering to each remark.

WP party veteran mentions Wong Kan Seng and crowd responds with resounding ‘Boo!’ He questioned the capability of Wong in allowing Mas Selamat to escape.

SDP rally begins.

SPP rally – about 350 people there now! Volunteers are selling flags.

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo is the first speaker. After 50 years of plain rice, it’s time to order some other dishes!

SPP rally – An old man in the audience has a bunch of flags rubber banded together. All the flags are from different opposition parties.

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo thanks the crowd for braving the rain and mud.

WP rally, Moulmein-Kallang GRC candidate L Somasundaram is up next. He will speak in Tamil first, then proceed in English. When he greeted the crowd in Tamil, the entire crowd, regardless of race, replied “Vanakkam”!

WP rally: All flags, wristbands and umbrellas were sold out even before the rally.

WP rally, L Somasundaram ends his Tamil speech. Now introduces himself to crowd in Malay.

WP rally, L Somasundaram speaks to the crowd in Chinese now and says “I love you!”. the crowd reciprocates. He says his daughter was the one who taught him Mandarin. He’s now speaking in English.

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo: Is it that anything criticising PAP policies is considered to be stoking up emotions? But they have ignored our emotions for far too long!

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo: The areas in which an NCMP cannot vote are the most important ones.

SPP rally – MC mentions traffic jams caused by nearby opposition rallies, says they’ll wait a little longer. Crowd cheers.

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo promises 50% of MP allowance back into the constituency if voted in. When he mentions Dr Balakrishnan everyone boos.

WP rally, L Somasundaram talks about the floods that occurred yesterday.

WP rally, L Somasundaram addressed the issue of residents asking him on walkabouts what WP can do for them. To this he said, “WP don’t make empty promises. We are not in control of the funds. But one thing we promise is to listen to you.”

WP rally, L Somasundaram – “Many of you have already made up your minds who to vote for. If you’ve decided to vote WP, I congratulate and thank you. Be firm with your decision. Do not let any influences affect you tomorrow. Go for movie! Take leave and have an outing with your family and children. Have a nice meal with your gf or bf – relax.” Audience: “Okay!”

WP rally, L Somasundaram to those who decided to vote for the PAP – reminds the people of the problems that arose the last 5 years: YOG, rising costs of living, housing costs etc. He urged them to consider carefully.

WP rally, L Somasundaram: “Dear voters, please think beyond estate upgrading. Think for your children”. Crowd: “OK!”

WP rally, L Somasundaram: “Do you want your voice to be heard in Parliament?” Crowd: YES!

WP rally, L Somasundaram: “Do you want a First World Parliament?” Crowd: YES!

WP rally: next candidate is Me Lee Li Lian, candidate for Punggol East SMC.

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo: YOG is not the first time such games were held. The 1988 World Youth Games were on a similar scale. So how can Vivian say it is the first time?

SPP rally – About 500 people now!

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo: This elections is not about debate. It is about you. It has ceased to be about the PAP or opposition parties. It is about YOU.

SPP rally – There is a woman in a red T-shirt walking around. She has “Say No to 10% GST” stickers pasted on the front and back of her shirt.

SPP rally – MC: Too long we have given up community values for material goods.

SDP rally – John Tan: Our plans are open to your scrutiny. We are an accountable and transparent party.

SPP rally – MC: Materialism measures everything but that which makes life worth living.

WP rally, Ms Lee speaks of how far WP and Singapore has come so far and thanked all Singaporeans who have contributed to this nation building process.

WP rally, Ms Lee Li Lian: “In you I see courage – courage to support us, the Worker’s Party”.

SPP rally – MC introduces the GRC team. Chiam See Tong has not yet arrived but the crowd cheers.

SDP rally – John Tan: Khaw Boon Wan does not want to take up our challenge to debate. He has no guts. He says our ideas are cheap. If ideas are cheap, why doesn’t he have any ideas?

WP rally, Ms Lee Li Lian referred to these election as a “watershed election”.

SPP rally – Residents garland the candidates.

SDP rally – John Tan: Spread the word. That is the only way you can multiply your vote.

WP rally, Ms Lee Li Lian: “I supported the PAP when I was young but now as a 33 year old woman I no longer support them. They only know how to pay themselves FAT salaries (crowd cheers loudly)… they only listen to themselves”.

SPP rally – MC: For too long you have been covered by the hand of the PAP. It’s now time for Bishan-Toa Payoh to be the next beacon of hope for democracy in Singapore.

WP rally, Ms Lee Li Lian: “This election is not just about upgrading and upgrading and upgrading!”

WP rally, Ms Lee Li Lian: “We bring u the heart that is sorely missing in the PAP who only knows to apologize last minute. There is only one agenda this election – the people’s”.

SPP rally – MC now speaking in Hokkien, translation of his English speech.

SPP rally – 600 people. Ben Pwee takes the stage to fanfare.

WP rally, Ms Lee Li Lian’s speech ends. Next speaker is candidate from East Coast GRC, Png Eng Huat. Crowd shouts, “Huat ah!”

WP’s Png Eng Huat will speak in Hokkien first, then English.

SDP rally – John Tan: You are our nation’s most important asset. That’s why we recommend three times the current health budget.

SDP rally – John Tan: Change is in the air.

WP’s Png Eng Huat: PAP has apologized but only 10 mths after the floods subsided, 3 years after Mas Selamat escaped and after years of flooding the country w foreigners. We don’t want an apology now, we want accountability and transparency.

SPP rally – Ben Pwee in Cantonese: Your vote is secret! Tells people that he voted opposition while in the civil service.

SDP rally – Teo Soh Lung takes the stage. 

SDP rally – Teo Soh Lung: PAP is apologising because the opposition has been speaking for you. If we stop speaking for you they will stop listening to you.

SPP rally – Ben Pwee in Mandarin: The older generation is important. He thanks them for their contributions to Singapore.

SPP rally – Ben Pwee repeats speech in English. Thanks parents for working hard. Asks people to think about how to vote for a better future for children and greater democracy.

WP’s Png Eng Huat says PAP has changed their slogan to “I am sorry”. They want to connect with u emotionally. But can the PAP connect with u emotionally when they apologize three days before polling day? Can they connect with u emotionally when they have done nothing to protect ur jobs? There is no charges to emotional connection. Some volunteers stop by the roads and help us adjust the posters, no charge… like you, coming to every WP rally, that’s emotional connection!

SDP rally – Teo Soh Lung: PAP makes a lost of promises during the elections. How do you make sure they fulfill their promise? Crowd: VOTE SDP!

WP’s Png Eng Huat: “I believe you have recieved the money for your Growth and Share package. I hope you still have it”. Audience yells “Bo Liao!”

WP’s Png Eng Huat: “Return Singapore to a place we can truly call home”. Ends his speech.

Next speaker at WP rally, candidate for Hougang SMC, Yaw Shin Leong. He greets the crowd in Chinese.

SDP rally – Teo Soh Lung: If you continue voting PAP you will continue being like the farm animals in Animal Farm. The power is in your hands.

SPP rally – Ben Pwee encourages people to discuss the speakers’ points during the rally.

SPP rally – About 800 people. Former teacher David Tan is a guest speaker.

SDP rally – Teo Soh Lung promises residents of Yuhua she will always be accessible to them.

SPP rally – David Tan: I am a firm believer of fairness, of equality, of justice.

SPP rally – David Tan (about Potong Pasir): What saddens me is the way the government has treated its citizens.

SPP rally – David Tan: I don’t want to name names, but 1 PAP member does not deserve to return to Parliament.

WP rally, Yaw Shin Leong says volunteers who helped him with Hougang SMC, are “unsung heroes”. He said they slogged together with him, be it rain or shine.

SDP rally – Dr Ang Yong Guan takes the stage.

SDP rally – Dr Ang: Now that we have strong opposition, they are humble. Hopes that PAP is sorry, not sorely.

SPP rally – DT (referring to Mas Selamat escape): The most honourable thing for him to do, is before 7 May, remove his name from elections.

SPP rally – DT: We do not have a Swiss standard of living. We have a Russian nightmare!

SPP rally – DT: Temasek Holdings lost billions, but continued to pay CEOs high salaries.

SPP rally – Sim Kek Tong next.

SPP rally – SKT: I have been in politics for 23 years. I have nothing to fear.

WP rally, Yaw Shin Leong: “It is often the heart that matters more. Hougang pple may not be living in most polished estate but warmth of their hearts are second to none! Hougang people understand the need for justice in S’pore. Their fighting spirit encourages me. This is a community worth fighting for”.

SPP rally – SKT: Tomorrow is Cooling Off Day. Vote calmly and courageously on Polling Day.

SPP rally – SKT: Voting is sacred. The gods will protect you. 

SDP rally – Dr Ang: Now then Vivian says he understands your pain. He apologises for his three meals comments only now. Now Vivian acknowledges the gap between government and people and wants to make amends. Is it too late?

WP rally, Yaw Shin Leong: It is v strange that the ministers will question the Hougang Town Council proceedings because an external auditor is  hired and all accounts are submitted to the government.

SPP rally – SKT: Singapore has the widest income gap in the world. Life in Singapore is stressful, cost of living is very high and we have to work very hard.

SPP rally – SKT: The rich, our PM, have very high salaries. Crowd boos.

WP rally, Yaw Shin Leong says the series of emotional outbursts (by PAP) and apologies have come decades too late.

WP rally – audience yells “To a new beginning!”. Speaker Yaw Shin Leong responded, “Yes”.

SDP rally – Dr Ang: The old PAP and new PAP are very different. The old PAP worked for the country. The new PAP have poor values. Their values are all about money.

SPP rally – SKT talks about the practice of pegging ministerial salaries to top income earners. Political figures must revise pegging downwards.

WP rally, Yaw Shin Leong asked: “Will you join me in this journey?” Crowd: YES!

WP rally – Sylvia Lim arrives.

SDP rally – Dr Ang: Now that we have a strong opposition the PAP has started criticising itself. We don’t have to criticise them anymore! 

SDP rally – Dr Ang reiterates: Gratitude is not servitude!

Next speaker is Glenda Han, candidate for East Coast GRC. Everyone starts waving their flags in the air.

WP rally, Glenda Han: Mentions she is a member of the suicide squad in GE 2006 when he contested agst PM Lee. She shouts, “I did not give up!”

SPP rally – SKT: Increase timescale salaries for civil standards to close income gap.

SDP rally – Dr Ang: We don’t want a first class government with second class citizens. We want a first class government with first class citizens!

SPP rally – Chiam See Tong arrives. Crowd chanting his name.

SPP rally – MC: Bishan-Toa Payoh! Crowd: SPP!

WP rally, Glenda Han (in Mandarin): “Do you want the GST to rise again? Do you want history to repeat itself again?”

SDP rally – Dr Ang: Singapore must never be owned by foreign talents.

WP rally, Glenda Han says last time when she was 20 years old, she thought she can withdraw her CPF in 30 yrs. When she is now 30, she realized she have to wait ano 35 years to withdraw her CPF. She asked, wonder if by the time I die, will I be able to see my money one last time?

SPP rally – 1000 people. People on the field have all stood up to cheer. People chant “CHIAM SEE TONG!”

SPP rally – Jimmy Lee resumes his speech, talking about reaching out to those sitting on the fence.

SDP rally – Dr Ang: PAP thinks now you are too emotional, sure vote SDP but after Cooling Off Day will vote PAP. Let’s prove them wrong!

SPP rally – JL: SPP does not believe in cook up 5-year plans because it is unrealistic. Impossible if they haven’t spoken to residents and town councils.

SPP – JL: We promise an orderly transition. We will set up an interim transition team comprised of SPP and the PAP (if they want to participate). The team will study the ground and develop a 5 year plan within 100 days.

SDP rally, Dr Ang: Cooling off day will not work because of the power of the Internet!

WP’s Glenda Han says PAP have been talking abt their track record. Acknowledges S’pore has improved since independence and we got to thank them for that, but today the govt is not connected to the ground. Yet they haven’t realized the problem.

SPP – JL: We have 27 years of track record in Potong Pasir. Crowd chants, “CHIAM SEE TONG!” 

SPP – JL: People have said Potong Pasir is a slum. He holds up photos of Potong Pasir. Do you see a slum?
Crowd: NO!

SPP – JL: Ang Mo Kio is no better than Potong Pasir.

WP’s Glenda Han appeals to audience to send WP into Parliament for a better, brighter future.

SPP – JL: Foreign workers are cleaning up AMK. Tomorrow, ST will say PAP wards are clean.

WP’s Glenda Han now speaks in English. She says she is happy now more and more young pple are coming out to speak. She exclaims, “Singapore has hope!”

SDP rally, Sadasivam Veriyah on gerrymandering – maybe at the next elections Sembawang will join with Johor Bahru to form a GRC.

WP’s Glenda Han: “We can help you. You have to vote us in”.

SPP – JL: Your assets may be diversified but your management is not. (referring to Temasek and GIC)

WP rally, next speaker is candidate from Aljunied GRC Mr Muhamad Faisal. 

WP rally, Mhd Faisal: “You should know by now what you want for Singapore”.

SPP – JL: We will push for a board of bankers to oversee GIC and Temasek.

SPP – JL: We will get a panel of residents to oversee Bishan-TP’s sinking funds.

SPP – JL: There’s a lot of conflicting information. Find out for yourself. Don’t listen to me, don’t believe our pictures. Tomorrow, come to Potong Pasir and see for yourself.

WP rally, Mhd Faisal asks the crowd if they are happy with the situation today. They shout “NO!”. Faisal asks: “So what should you do?” The crowd replies: “Vote Workers’ Party!”

SPP – JL: Don’t read the information from the newspapers.

WP rally, Mhd Faisal now speaks to crowd in Malay.

SPP – JL: Let May 7 be the day you take a step forward and see the truth.

SPP – Mohd Hamim bin Aliyas speaks.

SDP – Alec Tok, reading a letter from member of public about a piece of info on CPF life which not many people know. The premium is 10% of what is in your CPF account. 

SDP – Alec Tok: Singapore’s fast growth is creating one of the worst rich-poor divides in the world. Quotes a story reported in CNBC today.

WP rally – Emcee Koh apologizes for the earlier technical fault. He jokingly adds, “At least we apologize quickly”. Crowd laughs.

SDP – Alec Tok: The letter writer wants to know what is the number of HDB flats repossessed and how many people were made bankrupt in the last 5 – 10 years.

WP rally – Low Thia Khiang has arrived. Everyone gave him a standing ovation. Whistles sounded in the air, flags flew high.

WP rally, next speaker is much awaited candidate of Aljunied GRC, Chen Shao Mao.WP rally, Chen SM: “My fellow Singaporeans, good to see you in Aljunied”.

WP rally, Chen SM: “With your help, S’pore will take another step forward in Aljunied. After Potong Pasir, after Hougang, here is Aljunied!” Crowd cheers.

WP rally, Chen SM: Most questions have to do with why I left Singapore and why I came back. Audience shouts: “Because you love Singapore!”

SPP – About 3000 people. Mohd Hamim: The SPP believes in democracy. Parliament must be made up of different voices.

SPP – Mohd Hamim: Who should be held accountable for Mas Selamat’s escape? Crowd: Wong Kan Seng!

SPP- Mohd Hamim: I want to thank the military and police for taking care of Singapore.

SDP – Alec Tok talks about the gradual disconnect between the government and the people.

SPP – Hamim: The Malays have served in the army and police with loyalty. There must be a level playing field. Malays cannot be kept in the lower ranks.


SDP – Alec Tok: From a society where family comes first then country we have become one where only country matters.

WP rally, Chen SM: Says reason he left was ‘cos he couldn’t get into NUS even tho his results were quite good. So he left to further his studies in US, then went to England, and to HK and now back to S’pore. “But I’ve always been a Singaporean”.

WP rally, Chen SM, to voters in Aljunied: “I am humbled that I’ve won your confidence”. He mentions his team-mates one by one, which wins applause from the audience. “We’ll do the best job we can”.

SDP – Alec Tok: What we want are leaders who respect us.

WP rally, Chen SM: “We’ll aim to run the most effective town council for you. Your estate will be well-maintained. We will work hard to foster community spirit… we will push the govt to make public housing affordable for you n yr children. Plans for the North East line n upgrading will carry on”.

WP rally, Chen SM says he promises to help the people keep the govt in check. “We will help the govt ministers to serve you better, faster and cheaper!”

WP rally, Chen SM added that no one is perfect (reference to current govt’s failures), “and that’s why we need more Workers’ Party members in Parliament!”

SDP – Alec Tok: Singaporeans are starting to have guts. Wait no more. Stand up and be counted.

SPP – WL talking about PP. Hopes it would convince people that SPP can run Bishan-TP.

SPP – WL: We are accountable for every cent, and we want to maximise every cent we spend.

SDP – Aziz now speaking.

WP rally, Chen SM says ministerial pay is as high as $5K a day, yet govt spending $11 a day on public assistance. “We need to reflect on what it means to have progress as a nation”.

WP rally, Chen SM: When you vote, spare a thought for them – the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, the elderly, the v young and the special needs of our fellow citizens who are new immigrants to our country. My fellow citizens, our country needs our help. To give some hope for change.”

SPP – WL: Sitoh Yipin’s solar lens proposal in 2006, says Sitoh abandoned the idea after realising the lenses are expensive to maintain.

SPP – WL: We were able to replace 29 lifts at Lorong 8 for $2 million+. Residents did not have to pay. PP did not lose a cent on investments.

SDP – Aziz says he has received letters of suggestions at his door step. Reading the latter: PAP claims to take responsibility for their mistakes. In other countries, leaders resign for these mistakes!

WP rally, Chen SM says he tried to teach his 6 year-old daughter how to spell “Aljunied” and she interrupted him and said ‘Oh, a journey”. A journey it will be indeed.

WP rally, Chen SM now speaks in Mandarin, saying how special this  journey has been for him.

WP rally, Chen SM recounts same story of why he left S’pore and why he came back in Mandarin. “I’m back to my roots”.

SPP – WL: We have empathy with the residents’ feelings.

WP rally, Chen SM: “My ideology is simple. Only with competition will there be progress”.

SPP – WL: In all 6 previous elections, residents agreed and voted us back in (in PP).

WP rally, Chen SM (in Mandarin): Invites voters to once again see why they need to vote for WP. “Your property estate value will not drop… we wish to bring in more debates on policies – ministerial pay, influx of foreigners etc”. A lady in the crowd yells (in Mandarin): “Workers Party! I love you!”

WP rally, the same lady in the audience shouts (in Mandarin): “Our lives are so bitter!”

WP rally – Chen SM’s speech in Mandarin ends. He now speaks in dialect.

SPP – WL: We have already established a Town Council Management Committee to decide who to manage the Town Council. This committee will establish groundwork during the transition period. Don’t worry, vote happily!

SPP – WL introduces the members of the Town Council Management Committee. Crowd cheers with every name. Approx. 4000 people at the rally now.

SDP – Michelle Lee: This may be the first time you have thought of choosing  a party not from the PAP to represent you. All of us should be proud of ourselves.

SPP – Ben Pwee: Tomorrow will be a better day.

SDP – Michelle Lee: Tweet it, text it, Facebook it, your vote is secret.

SDP – Michelle Lee: This GE marks a coming of age for Singaporeans.

TOC reporter Deborah from WP rally: Atmosphere here is electrifying! Especially after Chen Shao Mao’s speech.

WP rally – next speaker is also a candidate in Aljunied GRC, Pritam Singh. The crowd cheers are at an all-time high.

SPP – BP: Although LHL has apologised, he is not sincere. A resident said a PAP team of volunteers said that there will be no upgrades if people vote for SPP.

SDP – Michelle Lee: Our vision will lead to a happier and more secure society of our nation.

SDP Michelle Lee: we have finally come of age as a nation, we can vote wisely, and finally most of us can make a vote.

WP rally, Pritam Singh: Few days ago it was reported that 30 PAP posters were lost, and 29 of their posters were vandalized. He appealed to all S’poreans to stop all such actions, esp on Cooling Off day. He says as the date draws near to Polling Day, emotions will run high. 

WP rally, Pritam Singh: “WP has been fighting for Singapore since 1975, and we plan to continue to do so in the future! But let us work to keep politics clean and not engage in smear campaigns”. Crowd roars in agreement.

SPP – BP: People have received messages from a strange telephone number asking them to attend PAP rallies.

SDP rally Michelle Lee: with this style of corporate governance, we’re running the risk of ending up as an Iceland with its financial crisis…

WP rally, Pritam Singh: “We raise national issues rationally, respectably and responsibly”. Crowd: THANK YOU!

WP rally, Pritam Singh: “This elections is about changing the spirit and substance of Singapore’s politics!”

SPP – BP holds up a pamphlet that invites people to Family Day on 22 May. He says the Guest of Honour is DPM Wong Kan Seng. People boo. BP: Please change the name to Chiam See Tong. Crowd cheers and chants his name.

SDP – Michelle: Our ruling party tells us there’s no groupthink, but when one apologises they all apologise.

SDP – Michelle: We have no intention of shaking the foundation. We are here because we see the flaws in the system and we want to repair them before it is too late.

WP rally, Pritam Singh: “the PM has apologized. I hope this starts the new brand of honorable politics”. He also said to the mainstream media, coverage has been better than previous years but there’s “much more room for improvement. MSM, like the PAP, has to step up to play a part in shaping honorable politics in Singapore”.

SPP – BP: CST went to the wet market on the weekend and ran into PAP volunteers. PAP Volunteer to CST: Your health is not so good. Stay in Potong Pasir. We do not welcome you in Bishan. BP’s reply: Let’s wait for May 7 and see if Bishan agrees.

SDP – Michelle: A diverse Parliament makes for a more stable society.

SPP – BP recounts meeting another volunteer. BP: We can be gracious in the elections. PAP volunteer: Why you come to Bishan and commit suicide?

WP rally, Pritam Singh: “to the youth of Singapore, there are two words you should never forget in Singapore!” Those two words: Transparency and accountability.

SDP Michelle Lee: Why has the PAP only apologized now? I hope it is not just due to the fear of losing their million dollar salaries.

SPP – BP: Goh Chok Tong did not deliver on the promise of a Swiss standard of living.

SDP – Michelle: If you like what you saw in the past 2 days when they are humble, help them help themselves. Changes does not come from within. Old habits die hard. Vote SDP. Don’t spoilt your vote.

SDP – James Gomez is next!

WP rally, Pritam Singh – wants to leave undecided Aljunied voters a quote by Mr Ngiam Tong Dow, previous perm sec for 6 ministries. Ngiam was asked in 2003, why S’pore will survive beyond MM Lee. Unequivocably, he answered, “Yes, S’pore will survive provided he leaves the right legacy”. Pritam urges voters to vote in alternative voices in Parl to allow serious discussions.

SPP – BP holds up 1988 Lianhe Zaobao a resident gave him. Reads: PM promises to listen to people before forming policy, party renewal. BP asks, are you satisfied?

WP rally, Pritam Singh ends his speech with a quote from founder of WP David Marshall. Through that quote he urged people to “make known the voices of the minority without fear”.

SPP – BP: WKS says that BP doesn’t understand how the government works. If the opposition wins 3 GRCs, people lose 5 ministers. BP’s reply: I am not a minister, yet. CST and SPP have more grassroots experience. He then compares PAP’s electoral record. WKS had a walkover since 1984, while CST won 6 elections. BP says there is no difference between a walkover MP and NCMP.

WP rally – next speaker is leader of Aljunied team, Mr Low Thia Khiang. Many again stood up and flew the WP flags high in the air. The air is punctuated with chants of ‘Worker’s Party! Worker’s Party!’

WP rally, Low TK. He speaks first in Mandarin: “The results of polling day will greatly affect the current generation and also many generations after”.

SPP – BP: We are not equal. WKS won 1 election. CST won 6. You decide who will win.

SDP – James Gomez: PAP keeps running away from hard questions. There’s only one recourse left. We have to catch them in Parliament. 

SDP James Gomez recounts campaign for Sembawang GRC. “We asked them questions, we asked for a debate, but the PAP team always runs away and talks only to the official media. Election time is time for recounting and accounting”.

SPP – BP: You mean the PAP can only depend on these 5 ministers? What happened to other PAP members. My friend said that the PAP does not have a monopoly on wisdom. I say the PAP does not have a monopoly on ministers. 

SPP – BP calls for a GRC referendum for all PAP walkover MPs.

WP rally, Low TK: “The real power lies in the hands of the people”.

SPP – BP: See if you would have voted for them because the SPP is here!

Lina Chiam now takes the stage to cheers.

SDP – James Gomez: Sembawang is a beautiful place but have you heard your MP talk about conservation?

SDP James Gomez: “The PAP campaign in Sembawang is all about avoidance. They haven’t answered our questions on healthcare and estate rejuvenation”.

WP rally, Low TK: “Voting is the right of the people. It’s only by voting results that determines who is to run the govt to represent the people. Only then can they decide how to use the national money. Whose money do you think they got? It’s yours!”

WP rally, Low TK: “The elections is exactly giving the people the rights to decide the future they want”.

WP rally, Low TK: “Everyone possesses the same right and opportunity. No one is irreplaceable” (in reference to PM Lee’s remarks on George Yeo being too impt in cabinet and cannot be lost)

WP rally, Low TK says that everyone had a lovely home to begin with. But the ruling party has altered the GRC system to their whim n fancy so much that it disallowed people to effectively vote the right representatives into Parliament.

SDP – James Gomez responding to Khaw’s remarks that tripling health care is not enough. While the govt spends $4 billion on healthcare, you spend $12 billion.

SPP – Lina Chiam on senior citizens: Their sacrifices for the nation are far too many for me to count. Where are they? – recounts elderly workers – Isn’t that sad?

SPP – Lina Chiam: Compared to other countries – their elderly are not treated like that. Where is the justice and equality for these old people? The government knows who they are, and it’s time for the government to help them.

SDP – Tan Jee Say: Last night Shanmugam called my proposal crazy. I wonder if he’s qualified. He’s a lawyer, not a psychiatrist. My colleague Dr Ang is a psychiatrist, and he doesn’t call me crazy.

SDP – TJS: PAP says my proposal causes loss of jobs. Audience member: YES! THEIR jobs!

SPP – LC: All the best PSLE students will only go to 2 schools. They come from 1 mould. The brightest must be posted everywhere. We cannot just dump the worst students in a school.

SDP’s Tan Jee Say: PAP has distorted my plan, saying it will cost us jobs. I think it’s more like costing their ministerial jobs.

WP rally, Low TK says that ever since PAP is in Parliament, their pay has been continually increasing but there are no improvements in people’s lives.

WP rally, Low TK’s speech ends. Next and last speaker is Sylvia Lim, also a candidate for Aljunied GRC. Crowd cheers for her and chants her name, “Sylvia! Sylvia!”

SPP – LC: New oppo MPs in GRC will listen to the people. This will get the PAP to do some soul-searching. Oppo MPs will question the government. Ministers will be held accountable in Parliament.

SPP – LC: I will do my best to keep S&CC charges at a status quo.

WP’s Sylvia Lim asked for free transport for blind before. Now a blind man walked up on stage with help to present her a token of appreciation. She now addresses the crowd in Chinese and English.

The crowd declares their love for Sylvia Lim: “I love you!”

SDP – TJS: All over the world manufacturing has declined as a contributor to GDP. Our plan offers manufacturers incentives to switch their focus from manufacturing. Our government is living in the economic model of the past!

SDP Tan Jee Say: the PAP is going agst the march of progress, using your money to provide financial incentives for manufacturing industries of yesterday.

WP rally, Sylvia Lim: says she will now touch on the last topic, one she saved for the Aljunied GRC voters. She pledges to serve the national interests of the people of S’pore and to serve the local interests of residents of Aljunied.

SPP – CST stands up and the crowd goes wild.

SPP – LC: One man, CST, still strong with courage, will march into battle with the SPP team! People chant CST’s name.

SPP – LC: Bishan-Toa Payoh is the unreachable star, and CST can reach it. People chant: SPP!

SPP – CST introduced, cheers are deafening.

CST: We are going to make BTP ‘my kind of town’ (reference to campaign slogan).

WP rally, Sylvia Lim says there’s no glamour in being an opposition party. While there is more attention splurged on them during the GE period, there is no glamour in the rest of the 5 years of dedication. “Neither do I want it (the attention)”. Instead she says she yearns to do more for the residents but couldn’t previously in her capacity as NCMP. Her job scope prevents her from writing letters for residents on specific cases.

WP’s Sylvia Lim now gives details of all her team’s portfolio, attesting that it will be “relevant” to help better serve the residents of Aljunied.

WP’s Sylvia Lim: “we know we have to work hard, even harder than PAP MPs if elected”.

SPP – People are cheering every other sentence. CST says he will build community, run TC democratically.

SPP – CST: do not be afraid to let the TC know that you are dissatisfied with their work. They are your servants, not your bosses.

SPP – CST: Property prices in Bishan will always be high. There will be good community spirit. We will make Singapore ‘my kind of town’.

Crowd members pledge to vote for him. People chant, “SPP!” and “Chiam See Tong!”

SPP members lead recitation of national pledge.

WP – Approx. 30k in Serangoon Stadium.

WP’s Sylvia Lim: “If elected we will make sure you will not have to repent!”

WP’s Sylvia Lim: Aljunied is named after successful Muslim businessman and widely-known philanthropist. “He had been a service to the people regardless of race n religion. We hope to emulate his spirit of service!”

SDP’s tan JS: thank you for your support and encouragement during the campaign we will not fail you,

WP rally’s last speaker for the night is Low TK, who now speaks in English.

SDP rally, Vincent W: “this is the last time we can speak to you, before the power to change your destiny is in your hands, the power no one can take from you.”

SPP – MC: Let your voice be heard! Make a vote for Singapore! Make a vote for democracy!”

SPP rally ends.

SDP rally, Vincent W: We want to honour our founding fathers, including the old PAP government. But the PAP of today has lost its way.

WP Low’s TK: wishes to remind voters of the spirit n purpose of the elections. He urges those who think they have lived a “wonderful life” to hear him out. He says the PAP has been disconnected from the ground. He cites unemployment, insufficient means to enjoy retirement, expensive healthcare costs etc.

WP Low’s TK: PAP have surely been eroding and diluting the people’s powers to vote agst them.

SPP rally has ended but people chanting CST’s name and singing “Ole!” Overheard: “Give Wong Kan Seng early retirement!” Vuvuzelas are going off!

SPP – TOC reporter currently squashed in the crowd. Everyone wants to meet CST.

WP Low’s TK mentioned that most ardent WP supporters who voted them in the last GE are now in Ang Mo Kio GRC. Crowd shouts “Kelong! Kelong!”

SDP Vincent W: All we at the SDP as for is the opportunity to serve.

SDP Vincent W: Our economy must return to our shores, it must not be the preserve of multi-national companies.

WP Low’s TK says PAP made use of the papers to tell you Hougang is a slum.

SDP Vincent W: Your leaders must always serve you. These are our values.

WP Low’s TK says PAP also wanted to promote their new candidate. “Then they come up with Tin Pei Ling”. Crowd shouts Kate Spade! Kate Spade!

SDP Vincent W: A mature nation has a right in its own govt.

WP Low’s TK says: PM says George Yeo is too impt to lose. Then I ask what’s the point of this elections? He says ‘not to lose’. Crowd laughs.

SDP Vincent W: I invite you to vote for a renewed future. Thank you.

WP Low’s TK: “Never did the PAP imagine a GRC would fall. Never did they think opposition could attract such a talent pool. This is WP’s Aljunied GRC team!” With that the crowd stands and shouts in support.

SDP rally: Lim Kay Siu goes on stage to hand flowers to all candidates, from an anonymous donor. Stadium erupts into cheers for SDP. Rally ends.

WP Low’s TK says author of Hard Truths, MM Lee, told Nat Geo that S’poreans have become less hardworking tt’s why we need foreigners. This is how you are treated. WP believes that everyone are contributors to this beautiful nation.

WP Low’s TK also says current batch of ministers do not possess the same standard n quality n track records as those of the first ministers who brought Singapore from third to first world.

WP’s Low’s TK says WP’s Aljunied team has a high track record and is credible. He pledges that they will ensure the power remains with the people.

WP’s Low’s TK ends his speech and the rally with calls to vote WP. Everyone stands to take the Singapore pledge which is led by candidate Pritam Singh.

The 30,000-strong crowd at the WP rally recites the Singapore pledge together.

SPP – Volunteers have led a wheelchair-bound man into the press area so he can shake CST’s hand.

WP’s Low’s TK thanks everybody for their support n encouragement. He hopes to recieve good news on polling day.

WP’s Low’s TK ends rally by asking audience to watch the WP’s video, ‘For people, for nation, for future’, tomorrow before going to vote on Sat, 7 May. Video is avail in all 4 languages on the WP website. Low also called for support on Polling Day at Hougang Stadium after 8pm for results. Ending off, he wishes everyone good health and prosperity.

WP rally – a crowd member shouts: “Mr Low! Autograph!”

WP rally – the crowd is at the carpark waving off the candidates in their cars!










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