Hougang resident angered by Eric Low’s “slum” remark


I have lived in Hougang for almost 20 years. I have been through 3 elections and voted in 2 of them. In these years, I have seen Low Thia Khiang countless of times. He can be seen at coffee shops and the market (before HDB torn it down). Although he has a very nice office at Block 701, he make it a point to come to Block 310 every Wednesday for the Meet the People session in the heart of the estate.

Eric Low from PAP has been in Hougang for two terms, yet I have never seen him before. It angers me that Eric Low calls Hougang a slum.  While Hougang did not receive government funding for upgrades, Low Thia Khiang did a very good job maintaining the estate with the limited resources he has. He put in Fitness Corners, Senior Citizen Corners, Street Soccer enclosure, covered walkways, ramps etc.

I have done a quick walk around Hougang and took some photos of the place. I hope you can help publish the photos to prove that Hougang is not a slum.




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