Price increase for Honest Mistake T-shirt


Dear readers,

Some of you may have placed orders for the Honest Mistake T-shirts since Saturday. In our earlier post, we have indicated that the price of the T-shirt may increase from the usual $19.00. The reason is two-fold; firstly in order to get the shirt out fast, we have to find a local printer (overseas printers are cheaper but takes longer). Secondly, the design (in A3) is larger than the designs (in A4)  in the other GE t-shirts. As such we have to increase the price to $22.

For those who have ordered, we have yet to start printing as we were spending the last two days sourcing for the cheapest alternative. Do drop us an email at [email protected] if you want to cancel your order.

However, the other GE T-shirts are still selling at $19.00. Do click on this link to check them out!

As for those undeterred by the increase (due to the Grow and Share Package in your bank account) you can take the following steps to place an order:

Subject: TOC GE Tshirt.
I would like to order XX (quantity, one or more?) of the following:
Name of Tshirt (eg Honest Mistake).
Gender, and Size (eg Male, M) – for sizes, see  chart below.Do note that only free size left for White.
Color: (eg White, Grey, Black) –  please indicate if you prefer other colors, and The Tee Folk will let you know if they have the color in stock.

Don’t forget your name and contact number! Also don’t forget to indicate if you want the Tshirt delivered to you (additional $2 delivery fees) or if you want to pick it up from the printer’s at 65 Ubi Crescent, Hola Centre #06-04.

Don’t forget also to indicate your address if you want the tees delivered to you!

We will forward your orders to The Tee Folk at 8am the following day. A representative from The Tee Folk will call you once the Tshirt is done, within a day or two.




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