Live updates for Tonight’s Rallies – Monday, 2 May


SDP rally – Rally begins. Danny the bear onstage, leads the crowd to chant “SDP! SDP!”

SPP rally – PAP truck spotted outside Bishan Stadium, SPP rally venue. “We have more experience.”

SDP rally – Jaslyn and Bentley on stage. Jaslyn addressed the crowd in Mandarin. “SDP is here, you have a choice!”

SDP rally – Jaslyn Go: “We don’t have an A team or B team, we have a victorious team! Our team knows mee siam no hum!”

SDP rally – Jaslyn Go: “Remember that your vote is secret!”


SDP rally – First up is Mohd Sharmin, Young Democrat. Talking about youth and politics.

SDP rally – Sharmin: Youth are relied upon to bring society forward. Need to provide them with vision. Low fertility rate is reflection of low confidence level of youth in government.

RP rally: Crowd grows. But they’re staying 5 – 10 metres away from the stage.


SDP rally – Sharmin: Population problem started with government’s ruthless two is enough policy.

SDP rally – Sharmin: Throughout history, the youth have been at the forefront of change.

SDP rally – Sharmin: HDB should be a zero-profit public service.

SDP rally – SDP needs polling agents for 7 May. Asking volunteers to register.


SDP rally – Jarrod Luo speaks. He introduces himself to the crowd in Tamil. They cheer.

RP rally – MC: We have 5 more days to make the biggest choice of our lives.

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo (now in English): There are mainstream media organisations ready to slant stories to their agenda. Did anyone at the rally see Dr Chee try to lead protest march?
Crowd: NO!


RP rally – MC: Hope is the bedrock of the nation.

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo: My colleague Vincent W and his capable team, they stand ready serve you, as one united team. We, the SDP winning 11 candidates are united, not only in mind or spirit, but in our love for Singapore.

SDP rally – Jarrod Luo addresses Holland-Bukit Timah: Vote with your heart! Vote for Vincent and his team, they will not turn their backs on you!

RP rally – West Coast team arrives. Crowd cheers.

SDP rally – Holland-Bukit Timah resident, Dr Wong: For the next few days you are the boss of Singapore! But we don’t want to be the boss for 9 days, we want to be the boss forever!

RP rally – MC: REFORM!


RP rally – Arthero Lim: By the next elections, I may have to address you as… Chindiapore. (referring to influx of foreigners)

SDP rally – Dr Wong: PAP promised Swiss standard of living to you.
Crowd member: Swiss chocolate ah!

RP rally – Arthero Lim: There is no reason to fear. Have the residents of Potong Pasir and Hougang regretted (voting for opposition)?

SDP rally – Dr Wong: We are being crowded out and one day we will be a minority. Now when you take MRT you have to stand all the way. We now have 5 million and if we don’t send a signal to the government soon we will have 6.5 million!

SDP rally – Dr Wong: With too many people we have to worry for our children, who have to fight. Fight for place in school, for housing. This is not the Singapore you, I and our children deserve.

RP rally – Arthero Lim: Ministers should be called “millionsters”.


SPP rally – Sin Kek Tong: PAP’s Parliament is Third World.

SDP rally – Dr Wong: Our country can lose millions in investments and overspend on YOG, but no minimum wage for an honest day’s work? That’s why we need minimum wage for workers and limited wage for ministers!

SDP rally – Dr Wong on Lim Swee Say, who feels so rich when he sees his CPF: Of course with your salary you will feel so rich!

SDP rally – Singapore is a rich country but we see old people doing menial jobs. Is this what we want? This is a national shame?


SDP rally – Dr Wong: Lily Neo’s question to Vivian Balakrishnan, and he said looking after the poor is the job of the social worker, not the politician. In that case we should replace him with Vincent Wijeysingha, who is a social worker!
Crowd cheers.

SDP rally – Dr Wong: SDP candidates not in this for money. Have pledged percentage of MP allowance for endowment fund.

SDP rally – Dr Wong: I am a resident of Holland-Bukit Timah. I will not vote for someone who uses smear tactics.

RP rally – Mansor Rahman speaks in Malay.

SDP rally – Sembawang candidate, Mohd Aziz, speaks. He was hospitalised recently and the bill was S$27,000.


SPP Rally – Bishan stadium: stands are packed and many more sitting and standing on the field. Great turnout.

SDP rally – Aziz: But even if I have to walk, to crawl, I will be with you, Singaporeans! My heart is with you.

RP rally – Mansor: Malays are suffering. They are behind time.

WP rally – ‘Whose money are they using?’
Crowd: ‘Our money!’

RP rally – Mansor: All PAP members and ministers should resign from NTUC.

SDP rally – Aziz: Let me touch on the comment of the PAP that if you vote for opposition, your property price won’t be safe. Your future won’t be sure. But I ask you, after 15 years of PAP, who is assured? They talk about CPF, but I’m about to retire, where is my CPF?

RP rally – Mansor: There is no difference between the PAP and the NTUC. NTUC is No Trust Union Chief.


SDP rally – Aziz: What should we do? Sack that bugger!
Crowd shouts: SACK THAT BUGGER!

SDP rally – Aziz: We pay $150,000 a month to Ministers but what do they do for us?

RP rally – Mansor: Have Malays become second class citizens? With influx of foreigners, have we become third class citizens?

RP rally – Mansor: How can limping man escape Singapore?

SPP rally – Ben Pwee: We are here not to overturn the government, but to get more than just 2 opposition MPs in Parliament.

SDP rally – Aziz: Morning time, you go through gantry. Evening time you also go through gantry. Raymon Lim only know how to charge and charge. Sack that bugger!

PAP rally: why would be want an unknown party to come takeover? Do they know you? Do you want the uncertainty? #SGelections


WP’s Koh Choong Yong: We should abolish the GRC system and revert to SMC system #sgelections

SDP rally – Aziz: The issue close to my heart is the home. Singapore is our home. And for our home, who are we gonna sack?
Audience member: MAH BOW TAN!

WP’s Gerald Giam: Our manifesto demonstrate that we are not an Opposition party that opposes for the sake of it #sgelections

RP rally – Mansor: If you love JBJ, Kenneth Jeyaretnam is representing him.

SPP rally – Ben Pwee leads the crowd with the pledge.


SDP rally – Aziz: When you started building HDB, where did you get that land? From our grandfathers, farmers, etc. for 50 cents. And now?

PAP’s Amy Khor: I have made good on my promises from the last GE, and more. My commitment to Hong Kah N and SG have not changed #sgelections

RP rally – Harn Ho: Singapore is a rich nation. We should take care of everyone.

NSP’s Tan Chee Kien: PAP’s Mountbatten MP Lim Biow Chuan got voted in and became a mute. Has he spoken up for you? #sgelections

WP’s Gerald Giam: We propose that patients above 70 should be able to use Medisave for all treatments wihtout restrictions #sgelections

RP rally – Harn Ho: Lower age for singles to buy flats. Push for smaller, cheaper flats, loans paid off in 15 years.

SDP rally – James Gomez speaks.

RP rally – Harn Ho: Push for more part-time jobs to give mothers a chance.

SDP rally – James Gomez: I want that bugger to go to Johor Bahru, and that bugger is Khaw Boon Wan!


SDP rally – James: PAP has led us astray, they have failed.

SDP rally – James: They have failed because they have policies that discriminate and divide us into different social groups.

RP rally – Frankie Low speaks in Teochew. Our TOC reporter catch no ball.

SDP rally – James: I take courage from my conversations with Singaporeans. Many have mixed heritage, eg. mother is teochew, father is half-half. So why has PAP made race so important?

SDP rally – James Gomez: We don’t need race in our IC. That is a colonial stigma that PAP continues.


SDP rally – James: We should have the freedom to define ourselves, not let the government put racial stamps on our foreheads.

RP rally – TOC reporter says “something about GST” is mentioned (still doesn’t understand Teochew). Older folks moving to the front, crowd growing.

SDP rally – James: Racial quota for HDB is backward. Doesn’t apply to private housing/condo, why discriminate HDB dwellers?

SDP rally – James: Talking about GRC minority certificate. Says process ridiculous. Why does anyone have to apply for a minority cert each election – you mean their race changed inbetween?


RP rally – Frankie Low (finally in English, reporter very happy): “How is housing not a make or break issues?” referring to MBT’s remarks. “HDB flats should be for Singaporeans!”

SDP rally – James: I will speak up when no one else wants to speak up for you. Vote SDP, together we can speak up for Singaporeans!

SPP rally – Chiam See Tong arrives at Bishan stadium to much fanfare.


SDP rally – Dr Ang Yong Guan introduced as next speaker. Crowd cheers!

SDP rally – Dr Ang will speak in English, Mandarin, then Hokkien.

RP rally – Frankie Low: High flat prices not sustainable. Many people cannot afford to retire because CPF is tied up in the HDB flat.

SDP rally – Dr Ang wants to talk about the psychology of fear, from feedback on the ground.


SDP rally – Dr Ang: We sense a lot of anger with the PAP. Are you angry with PAP?
Crowd: YES!

RP rally – Frankie Low in Mandarin: Tell the PAP Singapore will not turn to chaos if you vote the opposition.

SDP rally – Dr Ang: 82 PAP vs 2 oppo is too lop-sided. But I sense that after 50 years of PAP rule, many people have been conditioned, and have fear in their hearts. One man said he would vote oppo but was afraid it would affect his family. Another was afraid for his civil service career. We need to remove the consequence of the action to remove fear, but you are in good company, ‘cos so many GRCs are being contested!

RP rally – Kumar Appavoo: Put us in Parliament, next time they pay you $7k! (referring to yesterday’s handouts)


RP rally – Kumar Appavoo: Cost of living up, standard of living down.

SDP rally – Dr Ang: Anyway, no fear! They will get Jee Say first, then me! By the time they get to you, it’s time for the next elections. So no fear!

SDP rally – Dr Ang: Many civil servants have voted for the opposition, and they are still here! Treasure your vote, don’t spoil it! Identify the rocket! The rocket will strike the lightning!
Crowd cheers.

RP rally – Kumar Appavoo: Don’t worry about your vote, it’s secret!


SDP rally – Dr Ang: fear is no good for your mental health. Make a bold move and vote for the opposition, vote for SDP!

SDP rally – Dr Ang: Either someone didn’t read Jee Say’s paper or their English is very bad. We never said do away with manufacturing. We said “phase out”.


SDP rally – Dr Ang: PAP likes to say they have proven track record, but if opposition is not in Parliament, how to show record? You vote us in we show you our record! If you are not happy after 5 years you can kick us out.

SDP Rally – Dr Ang: PAP keeps saying it’s a 1st World govt but we citizens don’t have a 1st class voice in Parliament.

RP rally – Andy Zhu: The only thing we can be proud of is GDP growth.

SDP rally – Dr Ang: After 7 May, if more opposition is in Parliament, you will all stand proud and tall! Our international standing will go up, as politically aware Singaporeans.

RP rally – Andy Zhu: PAP is not the government. They are only the ruling party.

SDP rally – Dr Ang: By voting us in Singapore has everything to gain and nothing to lose!

RP rally – Andy Zhu: The average Singaporean does not make $4 million.


RP rally – Andy Zhu: GDP only serves to line the pockets of those above us.

SDP rally – Michelle Lee comes to stage to loud cheers.

RP rally – Andy Zhu: When you confide your problems in the PAP, they go and hide.

SDP rally – Michelle Lee also addressing fears. Wants to put them to rest. Singapore will not collapse if opposition goes into Parliament.

RP rally – Andy Zhu: JBJ will always be with us.

SDP rally – Michelle: Singapore will not become a mud swamp or maids in other people’s country. Singapore was already a jewel in the colonial empire from the early days.


RP rally – Crowd shouting: WE WANT REFORM!

SDP rally – Your vote is secret. There are checks and balances to ensure this. Representatives from both parties will be present. Ballots will be sealed and then incinerated 6 months later.

SDP rally – Michelle: Friends, with the passing of Osama, let’s put this reign of fear behind us! The world is moving on, let us not be left behind. Put fear behind us, let’s move ahead.

RP rally – Kenneth Jeyaretnam is garlanded. Crowd cheers. “I’m not a great speaker. I don’t need fame.”


SDP rally – Michelle: We do not live on bread alone. Remember this when PAP uses upgrading as threats and bribes.

SDP rally – Michelle: Now on healthcare. We are worse in some areas than third world countries. We have less doctors and hospital beds per capita than China, Russia, etc.

RP rally – KJ: I believe in democracy. I believe that competition is as good for politics as it is for business.

SDP rally – Michelle talks about how public spending on healthcare lags behind countries like Bangladesh.
Audience member: I want to cry!

SPP rally – Wilfred Leung: We will have 2 MPS a week.

SDP rally – Michelle: SDP suggests co-payment between the patient and the state.

RP rally – KJ: Why is the PAP so scared of debating? Maybe they don’t want me to debate with the Finance Minister.

SDP rally – Michelle: Would you like First World standard of healthcare in Singapore?
Crowd: YES!


RP rally – KJ: Economic growth currently built on importing cheap labour from overseas.

SDP rally – Michelle: Now on education. Ranking system is pressurising children, parents and teachers. The system is unforgiving of kids with special needs. The irony is that those who need the most help in Singapore receive the least.

SDP rally – Michelle: Pre-school can now cost up to $10k per year.

RP rally – KJ: What’s the point of economic growth if your wages can’t keep up with inflation?
Audience member: They’re bloodsuckers.

SDP rally – Michelle: Finland ranks top in education. They have smaller classes, no test or exams until P5.  SDP wants to reduce the class size to 20.

SPP rally – Lina Chiam takes the stand. Crowd goes wild.

RP rally – KJ: wants to push for a health insurance policy to replace Medishield and MediSave.

SDP rally – Michelle: Education should be free up to uni level. Early childhood education fees should be capped. Children of single mums should not be penalised. (Bill Clinton and Obama were children of single mothers.)


RP rally – KJ: Reform CPF to withdraw money at 55. Implement minimum wage to replace Workfare.

SDP rally – Michelle: Time to put fear behind us and walk boldly into the future of our choice.
Crowd chants: SDP!

SDP rally – Next speaker is Vincent Cheng, ex-ISA detainee.

SDP rally – Vincent Cheng: Last year NLB banned me from speaking there.
Crowd boos.

SDP rally – Vincent Cheng: Why are the authorities so afraid of ordinary citizens like me? Why seal my lips?


RP rally – KJ: Reduce NS to 18 months, then 1 year.

SDP rally – Vincent Cheng: Before my arrest I was a social worker helping poor people and foreigner workers. I was trained in community organising where we empower people who have problems. Government didn’t like that.

SDP rally – Vincent Cheng: So I was arrested with 27 others in political prison where Mas Selamat escaped from.

RP rally – KJ: We want you to control your lives. Don’t thank us. Don’t say you are grateful. That’s our job.

SPP rally – Lina Chiam: With this type of support, how to not win?!

SDP rally – Vincent Cheng: There was no Marxist Conspiracy. No subversive movement to overthrow state. But govt claimed I made confession. This was drawn out of me from torture, put in cold room, sleep-deprived, slapped, punched, verbally abused.

RP rally – KJ: I’m standing here not to destroy democracy. I’m here to build a better Singapore and government.

SPP rally – Lina Chiam: Now we’ll intro CST!
Crowd roars.
Lina: Nah, just testing you, he’ll speak later. It’s Benjamin’s turn to speak.


SDP rally – Vincent Cheng: Many others have suffered, worse than me. Lim Hock Siew, Said Zahari. Some are in their grave. Those alive must seek the truth. We must fight for the abolition of ISA.

RP rally – MC leads cheers: WE WANT CHANGE!

SDP rally – Tan Jee Say next speaker. Crowd shouting his name.

SDP rally – TJS mentions Balakrishnan. Crowd boos.

SDP rally – TJS: Publish the account of the national reserves. Then we will know of $60 billion is small change.


SDP rally – TJS: I also asked him to publish the YOG accounts, how they overspent 3 times over. Don’t they owe us an explanation?

RP rally – Rally ends. Crowd chanting “WE WANT REFORM!”

SDP rally – TJS: Someone tried to explain that they don’t have a template, no YOG before. It’s a new term, but in my time we call it: MODEL ANSWER! So our civil servants want to look for a model answer.

SDP rally – TJS: On to Lim Swee Say.
Loud boos, crowd member shouts: SACK THE BUGGER!

SDP rally – TJS: Lim says in his perfect English, if there is a freak election result, there will be rojak!

SPP rally – Benjamin: Let’s say Aljunied GRC gets voted in…
Crowd goes wild!
Benjamin: …and maybe B-TP SPP goes in.
Crowd goes wilder!
Benjamin: Hey everyone calm down there are people here who don’t like this emotional outburst.

SDP rally – TJS: PAP don’t want a coalition government, they want a dominant government. PAP in Parliament said they are deaf to criticism. It’s an insult.


RP rally – Rally ends. Crowd chanting “WE WANT REFORM!”

SDP rally – TJS: Don’t vote people in who don’t vote against it, then cry on TV. What are the tears for? You can cry in public but in private so many families cry from the destruction of gambling.

SDP rally – Atmosphere is electric when TJS speaks. But now Vincent Wijeysingha is up the crowd erupts into cheers!

SPP rally – Benjamin: Democracy is when you speak out your problems, someone listens, and action is taken.

SDP rally – VW: Together with your help we will get the PAP Holland-Bukit Timah team out.

SDP rally – VW: At the Ghim Moh market we saw Vivian Balakrishnan but before we could go over and say hello, he ran away.

SDP rally – VW: PAP has many methods to frighten you. That’s our focus tonight, ‘cos that is the root of PAP’s power – the fear they have put into our hearts for 50 years.

SDP rally – VW: Speaking of different PAP fear tactics over the decades. Today they say the value of our homes are at stake and Mas Selamat will escape if not for them. Well, he did – TWICE!


SPP rally – CST: Thank you for taking precious time off to come here.
Audience member: NO PROBLEM!

SDP rally – VW: Is PAP saying that if VW is in Parliament then people won’t pay cash over valuation? If Tan Jee Say is in Parliament you will lose your job?

SDP rally – VW: People still believe that your vote is not secret. Fear is an irrational thing. We have heard MM threaten us with knuckle dusters, hatchets, even our own army.


SDP rally – VW: When you go into a dark room and think you see a snake you will leave. But when the lights are on you will know it’s just a coil of rope. Just like the PAP and their threats: a coil of old rope. Sylvia Lim has been in oppo for a long time but she is still around, still teaching in poly.

SPP rally – CST is slurring his words and not really speaking into the mic. Can’t quite tell what he is saying but people are cheering him anyway.

SPP rally – CST: Show courage, don’t be afraid. Show that you are true Singaporeans.

SDP rally – VW: Your vote is secret. Maruah will be checking to make sure no shenanigans. If Wong Kan Seng cannot keep eye on one prisoner in Whitley, he cannot keep track of 2 million voters!


Kenneth Jeyaretnam on LHL accusing him of misquoting the condolence letter earlier this morning: If I had misquoted him, it was an honest mistake and I apologise.

SDP Rally – VW quotes Lim Chin Siong: When leaders step up to serve you don’t go into reverse. Let us move confidently in the future, with no one left behind.

SDP rally – VW finishes. All 11 SDP candidates are on stage, and out comes a birthday cake! It’s Vincent’s birthday.

SDP rally ends!

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