Live updates for Tonight’s Rallies – Saturday, 30th April

The rallies tonight will commence at 7pm. Our volunteers on the ground will bring you the latest updates.

7.00 pm:
CST supporter at SPP rally is wearing personalised T-shirt. Words on shirt say PAP’s Stop At 2 policy prevented Singaporeans from being born. Also says “PAP import foreigner to come here and steal your ‘Jobs & Homes’.”

SPP team arrives to fanfare.Bedok Stadium (WP Rally) already packed!

7:04 pm:
Crowd gathering at NSP site waiting for the rally to start. Approx. 300 people.

7.13 pm:
Pritam Singh arrives at Bedok Stadium to wild cheers and chants of ‘Workers’ Party’!

7 seats at PAP rally in Serangoon GRC. Are they expecting a guest from Tanjong Pagar GRC?

7.15 pm:

People are chanting Lina Chiam’s name at SPP rally. 

SPP candidates lead the Potong Pasir wave!

SPP: “For the last 27 years, rally at Potong Pasir has been the highlight of every general election”.

SPP Rally: “We are grateful for your unwavering support for true servant leaders of Singapore, CST!” Crowd cheers “CST! CST!”

SPP Rally: “Potong Pasir residents are truly an example for every Singaporean to follow.”

SPP: “Are you going to trust someone who disappeared after the last election?” Reference to Sitoh Yipin.

SPP: “Please do not trade your servant leaders for some temporary benefits that will surely be dangled before you very shortly.”

NSP Rally: The next speaker, Lella, is speaking in Malay.

SPP Rally is buzzing. Electric atmosphere. Potong Pasir residents out in force to support their beloved CST.

WP: “Is the growth dividend enough to make up for cost of living?”

WP: “I don’t understand how the economy always seems to be doing well during elections”.

Sin Kek Tong at SPP Rally: “We want a First World nation”.

Activists tell supporters to shout and lift up banners at PAP rally.

Sin Kek Tong (in Mandarin): “Opposition has been quite united this time, we hope voters will unite to vote opposition”.

WP: “Whenever there are freebies from the govt I feel worried because it has been shown that when the govt give you one dollar they take back two dollars, when they give you a fruit they take back a fruit tree.”

SPP rally: Sin Kek Tong criticizes NCMP and walkovers.

NSP Rally: Mr Yang speaking. Asking people to raise hands to agree to the high cost of HDB flats and the happiness level going down. 80% raised their hands.

Sin Kek Tong: GRC is Group Representation Conspiracy.

WP Rally: Second speaker Frieda Chan is up. “Do you know what the PAP’s favourite quote is during the elections? ‘Look at our track records'”.

WP: “New PAP candidates are saying the same thing – ‘Look at our track records'”.

3 out of 5 candidates have arrived at PAP rally in Serangoon but none have gone on stage yet.

Sin Kek Tong at SPP Rally: “If elected, I will call for all wards to be SMCs. Please support all opposition parties especially SPP. Your vote is secret”.

Activist at PAP Rally speaking on stage. Went to WP rally, says the crowd was big many streamed out early.

NSP: Upgrading is used as one of the weapons for elections.

SPP MC: “Jimmy Lee is the most eligible bachelor in the SPP”. Crowd laughs.

SPP Rally: Jimmy Lee: “You don’t know me very well”. Audience member: “It’s OK, we have 5 years to know you!”

SPP Rally: Jimmy Lee: “Now I know what PP stands for”. Audience member: “Integrity!”

SDP’s Alec Tok: “There is no war in the world that cannot be won. No enemy that cannot be defeated”.

Michelle Lee at SDP rally: “GDP has improved by 14.6%, but do you feel that you are that much richer? Remember PAP’s manifesto in 2006? You all stay together, PAP will move ahead!”

WP Rally: Next speaker, Yee Jenn Jong, contesting in Joo Chiat SMC.

SPP Rally –  Jimmy Lee: “I hear some government MP say they serve the people”. Audience boos, vulgarities fly.

NSP: Mah Bow Tan allowed too many cars to be registered without accounting for the mass influx of immigrants which gave to the rise in amount of cars, which the new transport minister has to cut large numbers to be issued.

SPP Rally – Jimmy Lee: “Do you think [the PAP] will tekan the 60000 families in Bishan-Toa Payoh?” Audience: “NO!”.

Jimmy Lee: “I dare the PAP to play chicken with Potong Pasir, Bishan-Toa Payoh and Hong Kah North!”

SDP’s Ang Yong Guan: “So the PAP knows about our gripes with the influx of FT, about the cost of living, etc. 早该知道了!”

SDP’s Ang: “Voters eyes have been opened. They don’t fall for upgrading trick anymore!”

More from Ang:”How did the PAP try to solve the fertility problem? By throwing money at the problem but nobody want to give birth? Why? People too uncertain about the future”.

SPP Rally – Mohd Hamim speaking in Malay. Crowd reaction is muted as most of the people are Chinese. (Our TOC reporter at that rally is also Chinese, so sorry we can’t give you an update on what he’s saying!)

SPP Rally: Shouts of “Chiam See Tong” and cheers.

PAP Rally: Cynthia Phua giving speech. When she mentions WP, crowd is led to chant, “Strike them!”.

A row of PAP cheering squad members is lined up in front of the podium with placards.

SPP Rally: The Chiams are on stage. The crowd chants “Chiam See Tong! Chiam See Tong!”.

CST speaks.

Hamim returns to finish his speech after CST. SPP’s Hamim says there is no accountability and transparency. Crowd boos.

SPP’s Hamim: “If you take the credit, you must take the fall.”

PAP: “Workers’ Party don’t reveal municipal plans for Aljunied because they can’t deliver”.

Cynthia Phua at PAP rally, Serangoon: George Yeo worries that residents may have forgotten PAP programs done in the past 5 years.

Man in wheelchair garlanded CST and Lina Chiam. Crowd cheering lustily for them. Heard a teenage girl scream “We love you Mr Chiam!”

WP: “They bring in foreign talent except in one sector – in politics. Since the government is so keen on FT why don’t we get Bill Clinton to be our President and Tony Blair to be our Prime Minister. And actually for the amount of money we pay for one SG Minister we can get two of them for the price of one!”

Cynthia Phua: PAP team in Aljunied adds meaning to the life of residents.

SPP’s Wilfred Leung: “The potential of Potong Pasir has been unlocked 27 years ago”.

WP’s Eric Tan: “PAP says that if you vote for the opposition you will regret for the next five years. But you know what, the people have been regretting for the last five years”.

SPP’s Wilfred Leung: “Tell PAP there is no price to pay for the soul of Potong Pasir! There is no price to pay for the pride of Potong Pasir!”

SDP’s John Tan: A woman collecting cardboard boxes earns only $4 a day.

SPP’s Wilfred Leung: “Mr Chiam has sacrificed 27 years for Potong Pasir. What has Sitoh sacrificed?”

Goh Meng Seng speaks at the NSP Rally.

Ong Ye Kung at PAP rally: PAP will raise funds to buy wheelchairs for old folks. If elected, will form football team with youth to challenge other GRCs.

Ong Ye Kung: Over the past 2 months, I have visited 27 blocks, 3000 units in Kaki Bukit.

SPP: “Do you want Lina Chiam to win?” Crowd chants her name.

SDP’s John Tan: “We must introduce a Singaporean First policy”. Crowd cheers.

More from SDP’s John Tan: “What’s wrong with following policies of other countries? They have the solution already!”

SDP’s John Tan: Singapore has got talent, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

SPP’s John Tan: Employers must give priority to Singaporeans, and only after they have tried and found that Singaporeans do not want the job, then they hire foreign workers. Singaporeans have talent, Singaporeans must come first.

SPP’s Wilfred Leung: “The people of Potong Pasir are courageous voters who have enjoyed living here for many years”.

SPP’s WL: “PAP wants you to vote for them to increase property prices.”

WP’s Faisal: “Do you wish to let the PAP decide what price to increase?”

SPP crowd: “Chiam See Tong is hero, Sitoh Yihpin is zero!”

NSP Rally: Mr Yip Yew Weng of Radin Mas SMC speaks.

SPP’s Wilfred Leung: “Last time, when you vote Mr Chiam, you get 2-in-1. Now, when you vote Lina Chiam, you get 6-in-1”.

PAP’s Lim Hwee Hua: “I may not have 50K FB fans but I work hard championing family and women issues”.

SPP’s Benjamin Pwee: “It is not Mr Chiam who came to Bishan-Toa Payoh. It is the spirit of Potong Pasir who came to Bishan-Toa Payoh”.

WP’s Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim arrive at the rally. The crowd goes crazy, chanting, “Workers’ Party!”

SPP’s Ben Pwee: There is nothing to fear for Singapore’s security if you vote opposition.

More from SPP’s Ben Pwee: My dad was a PAP grassroots leaders for many years. Stroke 10 years ago, wheelchair bound. Within 3 months nobody came to see him. When he went to a grassroots event, they said “Sorry, not convenient for wheelchair in front, can you sit at the back?”

SPP’s Ben Pwee reassures investors, nothing to worry about if opposition is voted in. We will listen to investors.

SPP’s Ben Pwee on NS: We will protect you no matter all political affliations, for we are all Singaporeans.

PAP rally: Loud cheers led by boisterous group in front of stage. Audience in the stands mostly quiet.

SPP’s Ben Pwee: Money from growth must go to pockets of everyone, not just ministers.

Ben Pwee: “We need to dare to get rid of the fear that holds us back.” 

SPP’s Ben Pwee recites the pledge. The crowd shouts along.

Chiam See Tong takes to the podim, crowd erupts into cheers.

NSP’s Hazel Poa says that the people of Singapore are not cowards. That we fought the Japanese, the Brits and stood the challenge of separation from Malaysia. We should not be fearful now.

WP: When you see the government importing about 3000 doctors from overseas into Singapore do you wonder why they don’t allow more young Singaporeans into medical school?

SDP’s Jarrod Luo: Vote PAP if you want to work till you are 90. Vote PAP if you want to live your retirement in Johor.

Chiam See Tong: “I’m afraid you have to be quiet because my voice is not so good”. People in the crowd shush each other.

Chiam See Tong: “The reason I moved to Toa Payoh is to promote democracy in Singapore. You cannot have democracy without opposition in Parliament.”

WP: “We are not an anti-immigrant party we are against a runaway immigrant policy”.

WP: Your vote of confidence in WP is not a freak election result.

SDP’s Jarrod Luo: “Singapore’s most popular minister Mah Bow Tan…” Crowd boos before he goes on.

NSP: Ken Sun takes to the stage.

Chiam See Tong: “This is a dangerous move on my part, but with your support I feel safer. Come 7 of May I feel confident. We will make history at Bishan-Toa Payoh”.

NSP’s Nicole Seah arrives at the Whampoa rally to thunderous applause.

Crowd member at SPP rally: “We thank you for the bottom of our hearts. You are a shining star! May God give you full strength to continue.”

Chiam See Tong: “The people shall not be bullied any more. Everyone will be treated equally”.

SDP’s Jarrod Luo: “Should you need to sell your flat, half your proceeds must go into payment for the next flat. What’s the point of asset enhancement if you can’t profit from it?”

Chiam See Tong: “I am not ashamed of my O’Level results… Don’t be ashamed of your O’Level results. You have company. If your mother asks, quote my example”.

SDP’s Jarrod Luo: “Are you prepared to buy your HDB flats for $1 million?”

Low Thia Khiang speaks at WP rally.

SDP’s Jarrod Luo: “On May 8 let us awake to a new future!”

SPP rally: Lina Chiam takes to the stage as the crowd chants her name.

Raining at Woodland’s stadium, but the crowd at SDP’s rally remains.

SDP rally: Tan Jee Say mentions Dr Balakrishnan. The crowd boos. (Just like last night!)

Sylvia Lim takes the stage at WP rally. Crowd goes wild.

Lina Chiam: “I love politics and I like to serve. I like to serve the people of Potong Pasir. They are like family to me… I am stepping up to continue my husband’s work and serve the people”.

PAP Rally –  George Yeo: “If they capture power it is not for the welfare of the people, but for other motives. They are creating an emotional dilemma for 140k voters. They have greater ambitions, making use of Aljunied”.

SDP’s Tan Jee Say: Halve the class size, double the number of teachers and schools, create jobs in the education industry instead of the casino.

WP: Politics is about daily lives – ah longs, bus interchange, facilities.

Lina Chiam: I will leave no stone unturned to make Potong Pasir and neighbouring estates the place to live in.

SDP’s James Gomez takes to the stage. Crowd loves it.

PAP rally: Crowd scatters to seek shelter as the rain comes.

Lina Chiam mentions TOC’s report on CST’s makeshift cubicle in his Meet-the-People sessions.

Message from TOC’s Joshua Chiang at SDP rally: Looking at the crowd braving the rain to listen to the rally, it’s clear they are hungry for new solutions.

Lina Chiam: Children of PP residents told there was no place for them for second year in PCF kindergartens.

WP: With such million-dollar salaries how will the PAP share the dream of Singaporeans?

WP: The Ministers are asking stall holders to keep their prices down but are they keeping their own prices down?

Drizzling in Serangoon. Spotted in crowd: Senior Counsel Davinder Singh.

PAP: In 50 years, Singapore has been transformed completely because of our forefathers’ work. We must treasure their work and wisdom.

SDP’s James Gomez: “When you have housing problems and you go to the MP, they refer you to stay with your siblings who are having financial problems of their own”.

More from James Gomez: “The SDP town council will introduce a local bus shuttle service that is not profit-driven”.

PAP: Politics is about helping individuals and families all the way. If all we do is make speeches and create conflict it’s not good for Singapore. The government is not perfect. We have shortcomings. There are areas we must improve, listen, know what’s in the hearts of the people. That’s why we pay attention to MPs, house visits, dialogue sessions.

SDP James Gomez: We will give half our salaries to help the lower income. We don’t need so much money!  

NSP’s Nicole Seah: PAP says opposition has no solution, but PAP manifesto has more pictures than children’s story book.WP’s Low Thia Khiang is the final speaker.SDP’s James Gomez: After we are elected we will call for a town hall meeting.

PAP: All but 1 of the WP team didn’t stand in 2006, don’t know if they know our constituency.

Crowd egged on by George Yeo slamming WP: “Bodoh! Talk rubbish! Nonsense!”

PAP: Some residents say they want to spoil votes. Never do that! This election is not between George Yeo and Low Thia Khiang. It’s an election about the people. It is to you who we are accountable.

Lina Chiam: Do not be tempted by the PAP. Stand up for your rights!

George Yeo: Sylvia Lim has volunteered to be my HR director by suggesting I become ambassador-at-large. I thank her.

George Yeo acknowledges his 20,000 FB fans.

Low Thia Khiang at WP rally: Even for me as an elected MP of Hougang I have to sit at the void deck to conduct Meet-the-People sessions while PAP have theirs in air con rooms.

George Yeo: I know many of you worry that it is going to be a tough battle. I tell you this – I and my colleagues are determined to win this. Not for ourselves but for all of you. Tell your friends and relatives not to be used. Don’t be a springboard for others.

NSP rally comes to an end.

Low Thia Khiang: Opposition MPs are not allowed to use CC to conduct sessions but PAP MPs are allowed to do so.

Lina Chiam now talking abt her policy proposals. Will not forget private estates like Sennett, incl flooding and carpark probs.

Lina Chiam: You have made history! Please make history for this woman.

SPP rally ends.

WP’s Low Thia Khiang: When PAP asks me to play soccer they use goalposts smaller than the ball!

WP rally ends. Supporters chanting “Workers’ Party! Workers’ Party!”

SDP rally ends. Candidates remain behind shaking hands, meeting people.

Dr Chee surrounded by supporters signing autographs. Crowd shouts “We love you Dr Chee!”







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