TOC Blog Feature: Top election issue and HDB

Extracts from Mr Wang Says So:

Singapore’s top election issue

So I hope that the direness of the situation we face, as a nation, has become clear. Obviously, we cannot completely shut the door on foreigners, especially not on foreign talent. But there is a balance that should be kept. When labor productivity falls to -14.9% and Singaporeans’ wages stagnate year after year after year despite the fact that the economy is actually growing, you know that the balance has not been kept.

Goh Chok Tong talked about the rising cost of living and posed this question to Singaporeans – “Which party do you think can solve this problem?”. But here are the better questions to ask yourself. In the first place, which party caused the problem? Which party IS the problem?

Mah Bow Tan is “proud” of the Asset Enhancement Policy

Essentially, the AE policy makes HDB flats more expensive. According to Mah, this is a good thing because your home becomes more valuable.

For most Singaporeans, this statement is largely nonsense. That’s because people need homes. If you cash out by selling your flat, you still have to buy another home. If you buy a similar home, it will cost as much. So obviously, the AE policy is not making you rich.

(God, this Mah person drives me crazy. To think that I have to explain such obvious things on my blog).

The real danger of the AE policy is that it will seriously drain your CPF savings. First, let’s get back to basics. Recall that the main purpose of the CPF is to help you to save for your own retirement.

Read both articles on Mr Wang Says So.


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