Daily Archives: 2011-04-20

Workers’ Party introduces first slate of candidates

Deborah Choo & Kirsten Han / Pictures by Terry Xu One day after Parliament dissolved for the upcoming elections, the Workers’ Party (WP) introduced their first slate of candidates at a press conference: Eric Tan, 55, Gerald Giam, 33, Mohamed Faisal Abdul Manap, 35, and Lee Li Lian, 32. Before introducing each individual, Secretary-General Mr Low Thia Khiang started off …

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Papsicles 3

The following is an excerpt from Yawning Bread Has the People’s Action Party (PAP) no sense of shame? Right after the Workers’ Party released its manifesto, Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng called on voters yesterday to look beyond attractive proposals in the Workers’ Party’s (WP) manifesto and ask the opposition party for a detailed explanation of how it plans …

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GE 2011 – going down the sewers already?

Howard Lee/ And so it begins. Lacking the reasonable position to call into doubt the quality of opposition candidates, the ruling People’s Action Party has resorted once again to slime-balling. In 1997, the target was Tang Liang Hong, allegedly a Chinese chauvinist. In 2006, James Gomez allegedly dishonest. And now, on the same day when nomination day for the 2011 elections were …

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