Daily Archives: 2011-04-19

BREAKING NEWS: Parliament dissolved, Polling Day 7 May

UPDATE: This year’s Polling Day will be on May 7. President S R Nathan, on the advice of the Prime Minister, has dissolved Singapore’s 11th Parliament. A General Election will have to be held within the next three months. A Writ of Election will have to be issued next, setting up Nomination Day, as well as the announcement of Polling …

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When a son of the land returns

Much has already been said – about Chen and by Chen himself – about why he has decided to return for good. It is a wonder then why the PAP is still raising the question. A little strange, methinks. If the concern is one of “motivation”, I would suggest that Chen’s are none other than to help build a First …

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TOC Editorial: Why the double standards, Dr Ng?

TOC Editorial: We all knew it was coming because we’ve seen it before: slime-slinging, full frontal personalized assaults on character are par for the course in any election. The first shot has been fired across the bows by the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP), targeted squarely at the man most likely to shake its grip on power. Chen Show Mao …

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