TOC reports on General Election – 9 & 10 April

You can read the following TOC reports and videos on TOC’s General Election website here.

NSP may contest up to five GRCs in this elections

Mr Teo says that this walkabout is to obtain feedback from Marine Parade residents, to see if they welcome a contest in the GRC. From the results of the walkabout, Mr Teo says that the ground is quite receptive to a contest, but the NSP may have to visit Marine Parade more often to get a better feel of the ground.

Chiam’s GRC team taking shape

The team’s central message is to represent the people in Parliament. According to Mr Leung, Bishan-Toa Payoh ‘has everything’, so the SPP offers to bring the people’s voice to Parliament.

SDP Promise – a contract between party and constituents

“This SDP Promise is a contract that we are putting out to the people on points that have come from the people. So we feel very comfortable that we will be able to meet the needs and expectations of the people.

WP unveils manifesto and campaign slogan for GE

The 63-page manifesto, titled “Towards A First World Parliament”, contains 15 chapters on a diverse range of national issues. The document is the result of two years of work, including consultations with various “experts” in the respective fields, the party said.

Vote Workers’ Party – towards a First World Parliament

As we move towards Parliamentary elections in our 46th year of independence as a nation, we should ask ourselves what kind of Parliament is needed to ensure that Singapore endures for the future.

Has the PAP fulfilled its 2006 campaign promises?

The 11-page document was titled “Staying Together, Moving Ahead”. In it, the PAP made various pledges and promises to Singaporeans. Have the PAP fulfilled these?

What has become of the PAP?

It is rather sad to see the PAP, a party which carried the nation on its shoulders when its people were left out in the cold and thus winning admiration and trust from its people, degenerate into a party which uses all means – even unfair ones – to hang on to power.



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