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Get passionate: Dr Chee Soon Juan

Political Boy / Chee Soon Juan. The name itself, though carrying diverse connotations, still bears a certain weight in Singapore’s political sphere. On the one hand, you have the political maverick who has been sued, bankrupted and even jailed in the course of his political career. An opposition leader whose actions in public have been perceived as rash, emotional and …

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Iqah’s story – The single mum who became an unwitting drug mule

The following article was first published on the Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign (SADPC) blog. Last Thursday, we visited the family and close friends of Noor Atiqah M. Lasim, a 27 year old Singaporean who was recently sentenced to death by Shah Alam’s High Court on 18 March 2011. This is the story of Noor Atiqah, otherwise known affectionately as Iqah to her …

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On Mediacorp’s heartland voter survey, part 2

The following is an excerpt of an article posted on 30 March, 2011 at blog Yawning Bread. In Part 1, I discussed the overall design of the survey, highlighting the possible caveats we should apply when looking at the results. Here, we look at the results. The survey asked a set of questions each on three subjects: housing, foreigners and …

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It’s not a mistake! We’ve got new Tees!

Hot on the heels of our popular TOC Gazetted Tees comes a brand new design -the honest-to-goodness HONEST MISTAKE Tees! And no, you’re not mistaken our tees are now available for both men and ladies, in  four fabulous colors such as Incorruptible White and National Day Rally Pink! Don’t just move on and miss this opportunity to possess your very …

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Breaking news: TOC to contest Cheng San GRC

Tong Se Saw/ Four men from socio-political kingmaker blog The Online Citizen (TOC) which also sells very cool looking Tshirts (here) will be contesting in defunct Group Representative Constituency (GRC) Cheng San as independent candidates. They are: self-proclaimed Nuisance Member of Public (NMP) Leong Sze Hian, follically-challenged lawyer and ex-Nominated Member of Parliament (also NMP) Siew Kum Hong, activist and …

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