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GRC system: Wool over eyes (Part 6 of 6)

In Part 5 of a series of articles on the GRC system, Rajiv Chaudhry refutes the justifications the Government has given for the need for GRCs. In this final installment, he calls for a return to the SMC system as a step to bring about true democracy Part 6: We don’t need the wool Why was there a need to make changes to …

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Reflecting on “Reflections” – A review of Mah Bow Tan’s book (Part 6 of 9)

This is a review from a statistical perspective, wherever possible, of the book “Reflections on housing a nation”, launched on 22 March. (You can read it here for free and save yourself ten dollars. – Editor) Leong Sze Hian/ In Part Six (“Are HDB flats affordable?”), the Minister for National Development wrote: “Another widely-accepted measure is the debt-service-ratio (DSR), which …

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TOC Editorial: Will Tin Pei Lin backfire?

The following excerpt is from TOC GE 2011. TOC Editorial/ Let’s get this out of the way: private photos of recently unveiled 27 year-old PAP candidate Ms Tin Pei Lin procured from her Facebook site are not fair game. Neither is insinuating Ms Tin married the Principle Private Secretary (PPS) of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the age of …

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I’ve never left Singapore – SDP’s Dr Vincent Wijeysingha

Joshua Chiang/ “I’ve always thought that period from ’68 onwards was the period that PAP started consolidating and regrouping because ’67 all the Barisan walked out,” Dr Vincent Wijeysingha tells me. “Then ’68 when they brought in the Employment Act and the Industrial Relations Amendment Act, that was the time when they really began to consolidated their power.” Dr Wijeysingha …

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