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Tin Pei Lin vs Chen Show Mao – and a very scary thought

The following is an excerpt of an article posted today on blog onesingaporean.   Despite what Lim Boon Heng, that minister who has been without a portfolio for some 15 years, has said, the PAP’s slate of new candidates are a dud. At least as far as I am concerned. I can’t remember any time in the past where the …

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Smile PAP, the Straits Times is here! (Updated: 29 Mar)

We will update this page with the pictures from the Straits Times each day until the elections are over. As the General Election approaches, we take a look at the coverage of the People’s Action Party (PAP) by the state-owned broadsheet, The Straits Times. Invariably and, an uncanny coincidence perhaps, virtually all the pictures of the PAP are of the …

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Bears, bikes and baby-cuddlers – snapshots of opposition walkabout

Photos by Benjamin Cheah, Jewel Philemon,  Jeremy Philemon and Joshua Chiang Extra photos by New Asia Republic As the General Election approaches, the various parties are out in full force, and so are our reporters and photographers. Below are some snapshots of candidates from Singapore People’s Party, National Solidarity Party and Singapore Democratic Party doing their walkabout on Sunday, 27th …

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Women’s Charter: 50 years on.

  Constance Singham/ It is fifty years since the Women’s Charter became Law. Fifty years since Singapore women were catapulted from a feudal society into the twentieth century. Women in independent countries were then fighting for equality and for equal opportunity. In the USA the Second Wave of the feminist movement was about to become a mighty force for change. …

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