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Reflecting on “Reflections” – A review of Mah Bow Tan’s book (Part 4 of 9)

This is a review from a statistical perspective, wherever possible, of the book “Reflections on housing a nation”, launched on 22 March. (You can read it here for free and save yourself ten dollars. – Editor) Leong Sze Hian/ In Part Four (“Buying a flat? Choose wisely”), the Minister for National Development wrote: “Average household incomes have also increased almost …

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Women’s Charter “not just for the elites”

Deborah Choo/ “This is a defining moment for our society and our women. We should be dancing the streets and celebrating family and marriage,” said Ms Constance Singam, ex-President of AWARE. She was speaking at AWARE’s book launch this afternoon at NUS Guild House which saw slightly more than a hundred turn up. The audience were mostly comprised of middle …

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An Imaginary Climate of Fear?

The following is an excerpt from the blog Reinventing The Ricebowl Kenneth Jeyaretnam/ On Wednesday on behalf of the Reform Party I attended the Singapore Forum on Politics at NUS as one of the panellists. The other panellists were Dr. Chee of the SDP, Sylvia Lim of the WP and Michael Palmer of the PAP. The topic was “GE 2011: What’s …

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Leong Sze Hian stands corrected?

On 23rd March 2011 we published an excerpt from a blog Visaisahero which revealed that the Straits Times (ST) might have heavily edited a forum letter until it reflected a view contrary to the intent of the letter writer, Samuel C. Wee. This was followed by an opinion piece by a TOC reader critical of ST’s actions. On 25th March 2011, …

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