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GRC system: Wool Over Eyes (Part 5 of 6)

In Part 4 of a series of articles on the GRC system, Rajiv Chaudhry calls for the Government to truly ensure proportional representation for minority races. In Part 5, he refutes the justifications the Government has given for the need for GRCs.   Part 5: Don’t follow the sheep It is debatable as to whether GRCs, being super-constituencies with voter numbers ranging …

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Reflecting on “Reflections” – A review of Mah Bow Tan’s book (Part 3 of 9)

This is a review from a statistical perspective, wherever possible, of the book “Reflections on housing a nation”, launched on 22 March. (You can read it here for free and save yourself ten dollars. – Editor) Leong Sze Hian/ In Part Three (“Housing Supply:  Allocating Scarce Resources”), the Minister for National Development wrote: “HDB had to come up with all …

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Foo Mee Har’s strength highlights PAP’s weakness

TOC Editorial/ A glimmer of light has emerged from the People Action Party’s (PAP) much flogged “4G” batch of candidates”: Ms Foo Mee Har, the Head of Premier Banking in Standard Chartered. Ms Foo’s CV shows an impressive array of local and overseas experience at the top rungs of the corporate ladder. She headed the China branch of Standard Chartered’s …

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Channel Newsasia bars Dr Chee – again

Andrew Loh / When Channel Newsasia (CNA), the local television news channel which claims to provide “an Asian perspective” to issues, produced its Talking Point programme on the changes to the electoral boundaries, it invited the People’s Action Party (PAP) and just about every major opposition political party – except the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). It wasn’t the first time …

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Straits Times! Why you edit until like that?

  Muhammad Hydar/ The Straits Times (ST) has been regularly accused of recontextualising letters in its forum section. People in the realms of alternative opinion have shown as to how letters of a critical yet constructive nature (particularly at the establishment) have been edited to a point where the intended meaning is either blunted or removed. Critics of ST and …

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