Which opposition party will come up tops this election?

The following is an excerpt fromsgpolitics.net

Ng E-Jay/

This general election will be a watershed election for two important reasons.

Firstly, it is almost certain to be an election that will see opposition parties contest the greatest percentage of available seats since Singapore’s independence in 1965.

Secondly, the internet will play a central role in this election. Compared to 2006, this coming election should feature greater use of websites and social media by political parties as well as netizens. With the recent liberalization of the use of new media technology for election campaigning, political parties will be free to use an array of new media tools like streaming videos, podcasts, and twitter feeds to bring their message to the electorate.

How do the opposition parties stack up in terms of electoral strategy and which party is most likely to come up tops this election?

The Worker’s Party (WP), the longest-standing opposition party in Singapore, puts its greatest emphasis on ground work and generally conducts its outreach activities away from the media glare. They have focused their criticism of government policies mainly through Parliamentary debates, as opposed to regularly sending in press statements or posting articles on their official party website every time there is a new policy initiative or a new political development.

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