BREAKING NEWS: TOC launches General Election website!

Dear everyone,

As election fever heats up, we here at The Online Citizen are also excited. The upcoming General Election is expected to be a watershed one, with as many as 80 seats (or more) to be contested by the various political parties.

Will the ruling People’s Action Party sweep everyone else aside and come up with a landslide? Or will the opposition finally break through the GRC wall?

In order to facilitate easier access to all our election reports, TOC invites you to visit our dedicated General Election website – simply titled “The Online Citizen – GE 2011”.

Click here to have a look:

Please remember to bookmark the page as well.

The main TOC website (this one which you are viewing) will carry only excerpts of the main stories of the elections during the General Election itself. Each of these stories will be published in full on the TOC election website.

We would also like to invite your contributions to TOC during the elections. Whether you have tip-offs for stories, or pictures and videos of the hustings, or if you wish to write us an article, or better still, volunteer with us and help us on-the-ground, do drop us an email at:

[email protected]

Additionally, we will be updating our Facebook page, our Twitter feeds, TOC’s Youtube channel, and our Flickr page frequently during the elections.

Do join us there as well.

Lastly, please help us spread the word about our dedicated election website to your friends and colleagues by posting the link on your Facebook, blog, Twitter, etc.

We look forward to your feedback and participation.

Thank you.


The TOC team





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