Daily Archives: 2011-03-16

Clear signal that everyone matters – Josephine Teo

“On the first day of Chinese New Year, at six o’clock in the morning, the Prime Minister of Singapore goes to a waste collection point, greets 170 workers who are waste collectors, shakes hands with them, greets them Chinese New Year – “Hello” – gives them ang pows, distributes oranges. And he does that not only this year, he has …

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SM Goh: Flip-flop?

“Without the foreign workforce, our flats and MRT will not be built, our buses will come to a standstill, our healthcare services will degrade, and many investors, including Singaporean ones, will uproot and go where talent is abundant. Instead of sacrificing just 1-2 percentage points of growth, our economy will shrink, and our quality of life decline.” (Straits Times Nov …

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All quiet on the labour front?

Leong Sze Hian I refer to the report “More than 115,000 jobs created last year” (Channel News Asia, Mar 15). It states that there were “a total of 115,900 jobs created in Singapore for the whole of last year. This was a slight adjustement of an earlier estimate of 112,500 … Last year, local employment grew by 56,200.” Cut back on foreign workers? Actually, …

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Keep electoral horse-trading a private affair

Ng E-Jay It was announced on 24 March that the Prime Minister has accepted the recommendations of the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee with regards to changes to the electoral boundaries for the next general election and the new configuration of GRCs and SMCs. Since then, opposition parties have locked horns in vying for the constituencies they wish to contest. All …

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