Daily Archives: 2011-03-14

Work injuries expenses: 1-in-20 chances workers may have to pay?

Leong Sze Hian I refer to the Ministries of Manpower and Health’s joint reply (“Employer’s responsibility to take care of worker” [ST, Mar 14])  to Mr Tan Suan Tiu’s letter “Worker’s hefty bill affects company too” (ST, Mar 3). Why reduce employer’s responsibility? The reply states: “Since 2008, there have been no additional subsidies for hospitalisation associated with work injuries. …

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Siew Kum Hong rebutts MP Hri Kumar

The following article was first published in Siew Kum Hong’s blog.     It seems that MP Hri Kumar posted a comment in response to my piece “Room for fresh ideas on income gap“. I missed it earlier but was just told about it. Here is his comment in full: Kum Hong, How does this idea work? If an able-bodied …

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