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BUDGET 2011: Straits Times vs CNA

Your comments please. Click to enlarge the screenshots. Straits Times, 19 February 2011: More than 72 per cent of almost 7,000 respondents to the poll said the budget did not meet their expectations. (Screenshot taken 12 March 2011, 10:42 hours.) Channel Newsasia, 12 March 2011:

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GRC system: Wool Over Eyes (Part 2 of 6)

In the second part of a series of articles on the GRC system, Rajiv Chaudhry examines some of the ways in which the GRC system has caused an uneven playing field in favor of the incumbent. You can read Part 1 here.   Are Singaporeans having the wool pulled over their eyes? Let us look at some of the ways in …

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Is Mediacorp shutting out the SDP in reports?

Andrew Loh – “Let me also assure you that there is no attempt to discriminate against the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP),” said Ms Han Chuan Quee, Vice President, Corporate Services at Channel NewsAsia. She was replying to the SDP’s Dr Chee Soon Juan who had written to Mediacorp – the company which runs TV station Channel NewsAsia – on why …

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I won’t take middle-ground positions – Chia Ti Lik

by Deborah Choo “There is not enough scrutiny at how the police exercise its power,” Chia Ti Lik tells me. We are seated in his office at Tanjong Pajar on a Friday afternoon, and the lawyer/politician is responding to my question on which are the most memorable cases he had handled in his eleven-and-a-half years in the legal profession. He …

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