Daily Archives: 2011-03-09

A lesson in citing irrelevant statistics

by Leong Sze Hian I refer to the articles “School system ‘still best way to move up’”, “MPs speak for kids from poorer families” and “New chapter in the Singapore story” (ST, Mar 8). These articles were page after page (four pages) of statistics cited by the Education Minister to more or less dismiss MPs’ concerns that kids from poorer …

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AWARE: Prohibit gender discrimination and set quota for women in Parliament

Media release Gender Equity Essential for Singapore’s Next Lap AWARE-NUSS conference calls for Constitution to prohibit gender discrimination and quota set for women in Parliament Singapore, March 8th 2011 – For all the progress made in the last 25 years, gender discrimination still exists in Singapore today.  This was the unanimous view of the 200 or so participants at the …

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Letter Comparison: Plugging for TV debate before GE

This is the letter that appeared today on ST forum. I HOPE the political parties contesting the general election will agree to televised debates. Every political party should be represented in the debates, which should be aired on prime time. The information that Singaporeans will get out of the debates will be invaluable in helping us decide on who to …

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Is GE 2011 about PAP leadership renewal?

Andrew Loh “Out of this election, we must produce Singapore’s fourth Prime Minister and a core team of younger Ministers who will take over from the present team.” –       Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, NTU, 29 October 2010. (Source) As you can see, SM Goh was quite unequivocal about the matter. “We must produce Singapore’s fourth Prime Minister…” in the …

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