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The electorate – getting more daft over the years?

The changing electorate, they are younger, more intelligent, more educated, more demanding electorate. They are not interested in having more balanced leg of Chinese, Indians, Malays.  They are just saying, ‘now look, this man you are putting is my MP. I don’t think he measures up. I am not voting for him’. (then) Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, on the …

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NCMP scheme is a bait for the opposition

The following article was first published in sgpolitics.net by Ng E-Jay For the first time since Singapore’s independence, the opposition look set to contest most, if not all, of the Parliamentary seats. This is a remarkable achievement for the opposition which contested only slightly over 55% of the seats up for grabs during the last election. The groundswell since the …

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Healthcare subsidies: Reply without answers?

by Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “More uses for Medisave, greater subsidies” (Today, Mar 5),  the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) advertorial “Healthcare made affordable” (Sunday Times and Zao Bao, Mar 6) and MOH’s response which is on its web site, to media queries about the increase in Class C wards’ hospitalisation bills. The former states that : …

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