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Would you pay a life?

This was first posted on The OH! Campaign. The OH! Campaign is dedicated to increasing awareness about the suffering of the Burmese people, especially in the face of huge business projects backed by international investors. Singapore has been identified as one of the biggest investors in Burma. How much would you pay for a holiday? A fancy dress bought at …

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Unfair demands on opposition

The following is Ravi Philemon’s original letter to ST Forum. I refer to Mr Lim Jit Chaing’s article ‘Disunity is obstructing an effective by-election strategy’. Even in the 1991 General Election (GE), the so-called ‘opposition unity’ was suspect, because in Jurong Single Member Constituency (SMC), there was a 3-cornered fight between the incumbent PAP candidate, Mr John Gan Eng Guan …

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SDP left out of Talking Point – CNA replies

By Deborah Choo Last Sunday on Talking Point, representatives from the ruling party People’s Action Party (PAP), as well as three opposition parties spoke to hosts Deborah Soon and PN Balji of the impact of the new electoral boundaries on their parties’ election strategies. The opposition included the National Solidarity Party, Workers’ Party and Reform Party. However, prominently missing at …

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GDP Bonus: Lots of dollar$ but no sense

by Andrew Loh Pay us or your women will become maids! Andrew Loh After dishing out the goodies to Singaporeans, ministers are rewarding themselves with the biggest goody of all. “Mr Teo yesterday revealed that because of the ‘exceptionally high’ growth in gross domestic product (GDP) last year, senior officials, including ministers, will receive the maximum GDP-linked bonus, which ‘accounts …

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