Daily Archives: 2011-02-22

This election….reflections of a young Singaporean living abroad

The following letter is by a TOC reader. Dear Singaporeans, I am a young Singaporean living and working in Australia for the last 7 years. Like many, I was a product of the highly efficient Singapore education production line. According to our world-class and oft praised education system (for which I am still grateful for), I was an average student, …

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Budget 2011: Feeling you can get there by working hard

By: Ravi Philemon There were many highlights in Budget 2011.  For one, I think it was funny that the MPs almost fell over backwards cheering the abolishment of radio and TV license.  It was long overdue in my opinion – at least a decade overdue.  Why were the MPs not calling for this in parliament earlier? The other highlight was …

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Islam & Democracy in Singapore: Dialogue towards a Multicultural Society

by James Gomez & Zulfikar Mohd Shariff A plurality of voices speaking on Islam is the best way forward for building democracy and a multicultural society in Singapore. This was the main idea we took away from a one day conference on Islam entitled, “Conflict, Religion and Culture: Domestic and International Implications for Southeast Asia & Australia” on 17 February …

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