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Budget 2011: Analysis snippets

by Leong Sze Hian I refer to the Budget Statement 2011 by the Finance Minister . Wages grew 0.5% “C.6. Consider what happened to low-income Singaporean workers, at the 20th percentile of incomes. Their wages grew by about 23% in the last decade, or by 5% in real terms. (This is without taking into account theWorkfare payments they have received since 2008.)” …

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How about ‘Richer, Kinder, Slower’?

by Stephanie Chok I have come to my tether, and therefore I must blog (or self-combust). In a nutshell: Cause of aggravation #1: A friend told me last night of a conversation between an undergraduate at a local university here and her colleague. Her colleague had expressed his dismay at the large numbers of elderly folk in Singapore working in …

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Stagnant Wages, Immigration Fuel Singapore Squeeze

The following is an excerpt of an article published by the Associated Press on February 17, 2011. SINGAPORE (AP) — Singaporean Ramzi Mohamed is tired of sleeping in the living room of the two-bedroom apartment he shares with his mother and older brother. His problem is that housing prices in the city-state are up almost 70 percent since 2006 while the 29-year-old …

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MDA: Abnormalizing the normal?

by Joshua Chiang “Homosexuality will eventually be accepted. It’s already accepted in China. It’s a matter of time before it’s accepted here.” – Lee Kuan Yew, Hard Truths To Keep Singapore Going The funny thing about our Government sometimes is how the more they try to put a lid on certain issues, the more publicity they give to those very …

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Improving Singaporeans’ Standard of Living

The following is the third in a three-part summary extract from the soon-to-be-published ““Creating Jobs and Enterprise in a new Singapore economy – Ideas for Change” by Tan Jee Say, former secretary to the late Dr Albert Winsemius, the economic adviser to the Singapore Government. Jee Say’s analysis and prescription are ‘persuasive’, according to Lord Butler who as Head of the British …

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