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No goodies in SDP’s Shadow Budget – CSJ

The Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) Shadow Budget is ‘bereft of goodies’, said SDP chief Dr Chee Soon Juan at a press conference to launch the party’s alternative to the Government’s Budget, which will be announced this Friday. Dr Chee was referring to the possible increase in government subsidies meant to help the poor and tackle the rising costs of living. …

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TOC Presents: Budget Forum 2011

Hot on the heels of the Government’s Budget to be announced this Friday, The Online Citizen will hold a Budget Forum 2011 on Saturday, 19th February. In the two-and-a-half-hour long forum, three guest speakers will share their views on what the Budget means for Singaporeans and the future of Singapore’s economy. This is the first time a forum that provides …

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Egypt: The Distance Between Enthusiasm and Reality

The following article is published by Stratfor Global Intelligence on 14 February, 2011. By George Friedman On Feb. 11, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned. A military council was named to govern in his place. On Feb. 11-12, the crowds that had gathered in Tahrir Square celebrated Mubarak’s fall and the triumph of democracy in Egypt. On Feb. 13, the military council …

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Pro-family or pro-baby?

by Howard Lee Much seems to have been said recently about the effectiveness of our baby bonus scheme, and all indications of our total fertility rate seem to indicate that it is a failure. This administration’s quick-switch policies pertaining population management must have been bewildering to most. My sister and I were born in the “stop at two” era, we …

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What’s wrong with the current Singapore growth model?

The Singapore economy is near breaking point and cannot be sustained going forward without society tearing apart, says a former government economic planner who has just completed a 45-page paper “Creating Jobs and Enterprise in a new Singapore economy – Ideas for Change”. Tan Jee Say feels strongly that new economic directions are urgently needed to prevent a socio-economic tragedy …

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