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The third Chee Soon Juan

by Joshua Chiang There are two Chee Soon Juans. The first is the law-breaking, minister-heckling, hunger-striking attention seeker who is more interested in promoting a ‘Western’ form of democracy ill-suited to our Asian society than in bread and butter issues. He is one of the two ‘duds’ the Minister Mentor mentioned as the sort of people he had prevented from …

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Human Rights Watch to Singapore: Drop charges Against Chee

For Immediate Release Singapore: Drop Charges Against Opposition Leader Chee Soon Juan Faces Prison for Conviction Violating Free Speech Rights (New York, February 9, 2011) – The Singaporean government should drop politically motivated charges brought in 2006 against opposition party leader Dr. Chee Soon Juan that will lead to a prison term on February 10, 2011, if he does not …

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This article was first posted on The Offline Citizen. by Joshua Chiang You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need. – Mick Jagger Everyone makes compromises. It cannot be helped. That’s life. Unless you are a dogmatic idealist, you will find out sooner or later that reality often …

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Housing Singapore

The following is an article by Very Fine Commentary posted on 7 February 2011. by Hou Shi Hang Free market or government intervention? It depends on your priorities. Despite the strong stance of the Washington Consensus against government intervention, it is not a logical inevitability that governments will mess up the distribution of goods and services. It is merely a …

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Multiculturalism, not PAP’s race-based policies

The following article was published on SDP website on 5 February 2011. by James Gomez The changing racial demographics and rise in inter-ethnic marriages clearly point to the need to move towards a truly multicultural Singaporean Singapore where policy making is not race based. Genuine multiculturalism in Singapore should extend equitable status to different ethnic and religious groups when it …

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