Daily Archives: 2011-01-29

Mission of public education is to facilitate social mobility

by Singaporean Sophist I refer to the article “MM Lee: Family backgrounds play important role in students’ learning environment“. Statistically, there is nothing factually wrong with saying that kids whose parents have degrees tend to fare better in academics. The Economist cites OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) research, saying that,”Parents who graduated from university are far more likely …

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Singaporeans pay less taxes than Canadians?

by Wing Lee Cheong In his 1996 National Day speech, Prime Minister Goh said, “People often want the government to assume the full burden of the cost of medical care and provide treatment free to Singaporeans. Because of the painful lessons learned in other countries we have not done this. All the countries which have done this—Britain, France, Germany, Canada, and …

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Kampong Guru – Tay Lai Hock

By Joshua Chiang I first met Tay Lai Hock at a walk along the KTM railway. With his grey shoulder-length hair and beard, one could be forgiven for thinking that he is some sort of new-age guru. As it turned out, that’s not too far from the truth. Tay Lai Hock is the founder and current ‘kampong chief’ of Ground …

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