Daily Archives: 2011-01-21

The Uproar Over Thaipusam

photos by Joshua Chiang and Terry Xu It all started when the Hindu Endowment Board (HEB) guidelines for Thaipusam celebrations were made public this year. Those planning to participate in the festival were told that they had to refrain from shouting, playing recorded music, sounding gongs or drums, painting their faces and bodies, carrying banners, flags or postcards, and using …

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Singapore High Courts rejects Chee’s appeal for free speech

High Court Judge Steven Chong had rejected Singapore Democratic Party’s Dr Chee Soon Juan’s appeal for free speech yesterday, slapping a $20,000 fine and a 20-weeks imprisonment in default. On 20 June 2006, Chee was charged with eight counts of speaking in public without a licence between 13 November 2005 and 22 April 2006 on the basis that he allegedly violated the …

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A chill in the blogosphere

The following article is extracted from The Economist. In a country where the government has a pretty tight control over the traditional media—newspapers and television—Singaporeans with an appetite for alternative views have long gravitated towards the internet. So the news last week that one of the main independent socio-political blog sites The Online Citizen (TOC), is being “gazetted” by the government …

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