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BROADCASTING ACT: What it means for TOC

The following is the Broadcasting Act taken from MDA’s website. Do pay special attention to clauses 13, 15 f , g and 16b. BROADCASTING ACT (CHAPTER 28, SECTION 9) BROADCASTING (CLASS LICENCE) NOTIFICATION [15th July 1996] Citation 1 This Notification may be cited as the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification. Definitions 2. For the purposes of this Notification — “Internet Content Provider” …

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Few knew of HDB’s provision for unmarried citizen siblings

The following is a letter sent by Leong Sze Hian to the Straits Times’ forum: THE Housing Board’s clarification (‘HDB clarifies rule on siblings’; Monday) that unmarried siblings below age 35 – be they citizens or permanent residents (PRs) – can apply to buy HDB resale flats if their parents live overseas and do not already own a public flat, …

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TOC, gazetted

by Christopher Ong from The Kent Ridge Common The Government has sent shock waves across Singapore by ordering The Online Citizen, one of the country’s most popular socio-political websites, to be gazetted as a political organization. This gazetting means that The Online Citizen (TOC) will not be able to use any of its new media platforms during the upcoming General Elections to …

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