TOC Reader: Keep religious values and decorum of Thaipusam

The following is a letter sent to TOC by one of our readers:

Many friends have commented about the guidlines being laid out for the Thaipusam festival in Singapore.


Anyone following Thaipusam over recent times would readily appreciate and realise that this religious event is being spoilt by some.

Our hindu religious event is being put to ridicule particularly  by some kavadi carriers and supporters with their improper conduct, behaviour and even dressing.

This event is being watched not just by fellow hindus but also by the other racial and religious groups in Singapore together with loads of tourists that visit Singapore during the event.

Whilst the colour and sound adds to the attraction of the event, however, not keeping to the religious values and decorum of the event undermines the religious observance of the event.

The guidelines, as it implies, is to provide guidelines on helping to enhance and bring out the religious sanctity of the event.

It certainly is not meant for even a split moment to underpin the rights of anyone. If at all it is to respect the religion and the Hindus at large in Singapore.
It is hoped no prayed and wished for that we all could together celebrate and observe Thaipusam as a day to observe and showcase the religious fervour of Hindus by their conduct, decorum and due observance of proper religious behaviour and not that of ill discipline and ill repute that offends fellow Hindus and the Hindu deities that we pray to by the observance adherence to the clear simple guidelines of the event.

S Ramamritham

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