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The Media Development Authority (MDA) has written to The Online Citizen’s Joshua Chiang and Choo Zheng Xi, informing them that TOC has been determined to be  ‘providing a programme for the promotion or discussion of political issues relating to Singapore’.  As such, the website has to be registered with the MDA ‘under condition 4 of the Schedule to the Broadcasting …

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TOC rebuts ‘Kingmaker’ misquote in Zaobao

On Jan 1 2011, Lianhe Zaobao published an article titled 《反对党何必高谈团结?》(translated “Is it time for opposition unity?”) by Yew Lun Tian .  In the article, Ms Yew wrote: “网络公民”的一个负责人受访时,也不讳言他有意把这个网站打造成反对党政治的“造王者”。 他说:“我们的目的是让凡是想在反对党圈子发挥影响力的人,都免不了要透过我们的平台去与网民接触。” (translated: “A TOC spokesperson didn’t mince his words on the intention to turn TOC into the “kingmaker” of the Opposition. “It is our intention to promote TOC as the defacto …

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TOC Reader: Keep religious values and decorum of Thaipusam

The following is a letter sent to TOC by one of our readers: Many friends have commented about the guidlines being laid out for the Thaipusam festival in Singapore. Anyone following Thaipusam over recent times would readily appreciate and realise that this religious event is being spoilt by some. Our hindu religious event is being put to ridicule particularly  by …

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BREAKING NEWS: PM wants TOC gazetted as Political Association

The Prime Minister of Singapore has revealed his intentions to declare The Online Citizen as a political association. According to an email sent to TOC at 5pm yesterday evening by the Prime Minister’s office, the Prime Minister  “intends to declare the owners, editorial team, and administrators of The Online Citizen, by order in the Gazette, to be a political association for …

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By Gary Malkowski, MA Special Advisor to President, Public Affairs The Canadian Hearing Society About the Author Gary Malkowski, MA, was the world’s first Deaf MPP, who served in the Ontario provincial legislature during the 1990s. He is currently the Special Advisor to the President- Public Affairs at the Canadian Hearing Society. He can be reached at: [email protected] One of …

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Medisave: Needy forced to go to private clinics?

by Leong Sze Hian I  refer to the reply by Marine Parade Polyclinic (MPP) (“Medisave:    Polyclinc will help patient benefit from scheme” (Dec 7, New Paper) to Ye Moxing’s letter “Woes over Medisave Claims” (Nov 26, New Paper)) . I applaud MPP for making an exception to help this patient accumulate his medical bills to make single Medisave claims, to …

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