Daily Archives: 2010-12-30

Singapore’s ugly mangrove swamps

by Ron Yeo Dark, smelly, dirty, muddy, scary, mosquito infested, illegal immigrant infested… Ask the usual Singaporeans what they think of our mangroves, and these are some of the common responses. In fact, I even had a friend telling me that he did not like going to mangroves because he was afraid of snakes dropping down from the trees. Indeed, …

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Mas Selamat Fiasco – the worst govt boo-boo of 2010

by Joshua Chiang A recent conversation among my friends and some new acquaintances was quite telling. I was explaining how the ‘indigenous’ people of Southeast Asia are genetically not too far apart. In fact, the early inhabitants who settled along the Mekong River were proto-Malays. “So were they Muslims?” one of the acquaintances, a local Chinese, asked innocently. “No, Islam …

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