Daily Archives: 2010-12-27

Former ISA detainee Michael Fernandez rebuts MHA

by Joshua Chiang “Can they say they didn’t torture me?” “I never advocated nor used violent means, and there were never any deaths during our strikes,” former ISA detainee Michael J Fernandez said at a press conference held at his lawyer’s office this morning. He was responding to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ letter to the Straits Times, claiming that …

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CPF Medisave Required Amount raised – what it really means

by Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “CPF Minimum Medisave Amount to be raised” (Today, Dec 23). It states that- “From next month, the CPF Medisave Required Amount will be raised from the current $22,500 to $27,500. This is to enable members to have enough savings to meet their healthcare needs during old age”. This is an increase of …

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Face to Face Videos: The Economy

The Face to Face forum brought together the leaders and representatives of the major opposition parties in Singapore. Over the next few days we will be uploading video clips of the historic event. But first a sneak preview- Part 1 of Section 1: The Economy Part 2 of Section 1: The Economy Part 3 of Section 1: The Economy

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