Daily Archives: 2010-12-18

Face to Face: 3 beers and a little big idea

by Andrew Loh photos by Terry Xu and Joshua Chiang It was 20 November and I hadn’t seen Lynn for a while and thought I’d asked her out for drinks. Just to catch up. She’d just returned from a trip overseas the day before. Lynn is one of my closest friends. And so we – Joshua and I – met …

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Singapore redefines braggadocio

By Tunku Abdul Aziz (for Mysinchew.com) FOUR years ago, on 18 October 2006, I wrote an opinion piece from my 30th floor office in the UN Secretariat, New York, for the New Sunday Times. The title, Singapore is simply a neighbour too far, I thought fairly described my assessment of the state of our relations with neighbouring Singapore. It upset …

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TOC Focus Week: Stories of Migrant Workers

by Joshua Chiang Today, Dec 18th, is International Migrants Day. Over at TOC, we have been doing our part raising pertinent issues regarding the less-than-ideal situations many migrant workers find themselves in. While we acknowledge that the liberal immigration policies are cause for concern, we also believe that those who had come here should be treated with fairness and dignity. …

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They tried to force-strip me – ex ISA detainee Michael Fernandez

Labor activist Michael Fernandez led a month-long, 10,000-strong strike at the Singapore Naval Base in Oct-Nov 1963. Fernandez was then General-Secretary of the Naval Base Labour Union. Under the Internal Security Act, Fernandez was arrested for being a member of the ‘Communist United Front’, a claim he has denied. He was detained without trial from 1964 to 1973. (Michael Fernandez …

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