Daily Archives: 2010-12-16

We’ll adopt “light touch” approach for online videos : MDA

From Singapore Rebel The Media Development Authority (MDA) has replied to my letter in the Straits Times forum. Dec 16, 2010 Online videos: When MDA will use classification WE REFER to Mr Martyn See’s letter, (‘Can political parties directly upload videos online?; Dec 9). The Media Development Authority (MDA) has generally taken a ‘light- touch’ approach with regard to the …

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Straits Times: Willing bedfellows of the State

by Ravi Philemon Ms Tessa Wong who is a journalist at The Straits Times commented on The Online Citizen’s Facebook page that “ST has always maintained it is a pro-Singapore paper. Some people have equated that to be pro-PAP, but I can say for a fact that increasingly this definition of pro-Singapore has broadened to include a variety of views”. …

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Frankie – Hardened criminal to successful artist

From We Believe in Second Chances Listening to his story, it seems like there is nothing Frankie hasn’t tried before in his life. Armed robbery, drug peddling, gang fights (with serious injuries and even death), escape from jail… he really did do it all. He spent a large part of his life doing time for all sorts of offences. Thanks …

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