Daily Archives: 2010-12-11

Stop the warmongers

by Imran Andrew Price Jonathan Eyal sounded almost as if he was a died in the wool neo-conservative warning about the “awful and the dreadful” choices in dealing with the possibility of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons (“The bets on a per-emptive strike on Iran” ST 4/12/2010). His dire warnings and scary rhetoric were virtually the same as those used by …

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Happy 25th Birthday, AWARE!

Photos and text by Terry Xu The 25th AWARE Anniversary was celebrated on the 27th November with a fun fair event at the multi-purpose court near the AWARE center. Supported by its members and volunteers of the public, a wide variety of booths were present at the fun fair; food & drinks stalls, clothing, accessories, books, photo taking services and …

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HDB: MND vs NMP – Round 4

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the National Development Minister’s letter “Seeking truth from facts in the housing debate” (Today, Dec 10). It states that “The HDB also helps first-timers buy resale flats of their choice with the CPF Housing Grant”. This echos what his press secretary said in “Understanding the question of affordability” (Today, Dec 3), that “the CPF Housing Grant and …

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