Daily Archives: 2010-12-08

“Does a caregiver have to deplete everything before getting help?”

This letter appears in The New Paper today, Wednesday 8th December 2010, page 18 as “Why are nursing homes’ rates so much higher?” For years, I have been trying to secure some home-help services as the strain of caring for my wife, who has mental and physical health problems for more than three decades, is taking a heavy toll on me. Many caregivers …

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“You’re too old, you cannot work!”

by Joshua Chiang ” You’ve reached the maximum you can do at your age in that position, you move sideways and you take less pay and you move gradually to less and less pay because you are moving slower and slower, especially if you are doing physical work.” Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, when asked for his comments on how an ageing …

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