Singapore at vital crossroad – RP Organising Secretary

The following is an excerpt from the Reform Party blog, Voting RP

Singapore is at vital crossroad in its history and we need to look at the state of affairs in our country and think about our future with urgency and honest reflection. New ideas and new ways of doing things must to be explored. Being content with dated methods and ideas that do not improve the quality of our life will not suffice. The current one-party rule does not bode well for the future of Singapore. I am gravely concerned about the direction that this country – our country is heading towards, and about the PAP’s ability to propel this country into a truly first world country where every citizen matters.

For decades we were continually being fed by the tired line by the ruling Party that it is necessary to surrender liberty to have security and prosperity. Along the way, Singaporeans have surrendered not just liberty but many fundamental rights and the capacity to organize for change. And clearly we have not achieved prosperity for the majority of Singaporeans – just empty growth. In fact, over the last twelve years, for the bottom 20%, real income may have fallen as much as 20%.

The Reform Party is a reset button for a system that has “hang”. We not only to reset the vision of our country, we need also to reclaim our capacity to participate in charting our future.

You can read the rest of the article here.

The writer, Jeisilan Sivalingam is the Organising Secretary of the Reform Party.

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