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The financial burden for families with autistic children (Part 1)

ASD refers to a spectrum of psychological conditions characterized by abnormalities in social interactions and communication, as well as severely restricted interests and highly repetitive behavior. ASD includes autism, Asperger syndrome, and atypical autism. Close to 30000 Singaporeans have varying degrees of autism. by Jonathan Koh Mrs Sng, 35, has three children. Her youngest son, JY, turning 3 this year, …

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TOC Focus Week: The Wright route to success

This is our sixth article in our Focus Week on people who, despite their disabilities and special needs, have overcome obstacles and challenges they faced. Deborah Choo Professional photographer Kenichi Wright works with top notch firms and deals with clients like Jackie’s Chan son, Jaycee. He is also an artist, a painter, a professional surfer, a martial arts instructor in …

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Achtung!!! TOC presents… Poli-Tees!

TOC launches our first-ever super-duper cool merchandise – The Poli-Ts! Slogans you can wear! That’s right folks, if you’ve ever felt like you were Cheaper, Better and Faster, you can express yourself with these cool T-shirts – for ONLY $25.00 each! Actual product might differ slightly as these are mock-ups. T-shirts are available as round-neck Ts for guys, and V-neck …

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KTM Railway Land – A walk on the wild side

It cuts through the heart of Singapore – a railway line, linking us to our neighbour in the North.  Now, after nearly a century, plans are afoot to relocate the train service. But questions remain over the fate of the land where the railway track now stands.  TOC joined a group of environmentalists for a walk this past Sunday. We …

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We are four

The Online Citizen (TOC) went “live” on the Internet on 1 December 2006. Starting out with a small editorial team and a few writers, TOC soon grew from strength to strength. With just about 500 views a month, we now command 20,000 to 30,000 views a day. Our readership has been on an increasing curve upwards since Day One. On …

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Romance v. Reality

by Benjamin Cheah On the 19th of November, lawyer M Ravi released this press release announcing his attempt to mount a constitutional challenge against Section 377A of the Penal Code. This law criminalises ‘gross indecency’ between men, effectively outlawing male homosexuality in Singapore. In response, Alex Au published this post detailing what he thought of Ravi’s proposal. On Saturday, Ravi …

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