Daily Archives: 2010-11-26

Singapore’s human rights subject to international peer review

From Yawning Bread The Singapore government clings to the outdated doctrine of absolute national sovereignty. Under this principle, states have absolute freedom to decide their own internal affairs and foreign parties have no right to interfere. Casting themselves as holders of the electoral mandate to speak and act for Singapore, our government strongly rejects attempts by outside parties to take …

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TOC Focus Week: “Singapore needs a Helen Keller”

Deborah Choo Indonesian born Geraldine Kong lost her hearing to a high fever as a child because the local doctor there had prescribed her the wrong medicine. She also has a brother who became deaf after a high fever. “When we were young, we would make up our own signs. Communication wasn’t a problem,” Geraldine spoke of her childhood. She …

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MND vs NMP: Round 2 TKO

by Leong Sze Hian I refer to the article “Rental flat scheme has helped over 1,300 families” (ST, Nov 24) and the report “1,318 families benefit from Interim Rental Housing scheme” (Channel News Asia, Nov 24). The former states that “Of this, 311 have since moved out of IRH (Interim Rental Housing) flats. Earlier this year, The Online Citizen has …

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TOC Focus Week: “Show your inner courage. Show your worth.”

This is our third article in our Focus Week on people who, despite their disabilities and special needs, have overcome obstacles and challenges they faced. Deborah Choo – “That is just life for you.” That was what Hairiani Ali said  when her friend asked her if she was ever affected by how others see her, or if she ever felt …

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