BREAKING NEWS: Transitlink clarifies that commuters only need to go to top-up machines for refund

The Online Citizen has just learnt from regular columnist Mr Leong Sze Hian that Transitlink has called him to clarify that from Dec 18th,  commuters who had been overcharged on their bus fares could get their refund by placing their EZ-link cards on the top-up machine and press the ‘bus stop refund button’. The refund would be automatically credited into the cards. According to Transitlink, this is because the computer system has all the travel records over the last five months.

In a Channel Newsasia report two days ago, commuters were informed that they can visit bus interchanges, most rail stations and selected bus stops to obtain refunds. They can also check online at www.publictransport.sg for refund eligibility.

In response, TOC published an article by Mr Leong who went to the website and found to his ‘horror’ the hassle that commuters had to go through ‘just to get a few cents of refund’.

While TOC is glad that Transitlink had taken the necessary steps to ensure convenience for commuters who had been overcharged to get their refunds, the question remains as to why such an obvious solution wasn’t in place to begin with. Hopefully the transport company can provide an explanation in their next press release.