Daily Archives: 2010-11-23

BREAKING NEWS: Shadrake applies to High Court to leave Singapore

By The Online Citizen The Attorney General’s Office today made an extraordinary application for the court to remind Mr Alan Shadrake of his right to seek leave of court if he wants to exit the jurisdiction. The implication is that if the defense makes the application to be allowed to leave the jurisdiction, the prosecution will not contest it. Alan …

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Lipstick Jungle: Why we might have helped Mas Selamat escape

Muhammad Hydar – On the 22nd of November, our Minister for Home Affairs, Mr K Shanmugan, revealed that Mas Selamat Kastari’s (MSK) relatives aided MSK in his escape. Long story short, MSK went to his brother, Asmom, for shelter and aid. Asmom’s family then provided aid to MSK. Asmom, his wife and adult daughter have been jailed accordingly for their …

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Bus overcharging, profits, ERP: A triple whammy?

By Leong Sze Hian I refer to the report “Bus commuters overcharged S$300,000“, (Channel News Asia, Nov 22). According to the report, commuters can visit bus interchanges, most rail stations and selected bus stops to obtain refunds. They can also check online at www.publictransport.sg for refund eligibility. I visited the website and discovered to my horror what I and other …

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