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Anti-gay laws continue to be used selectively, despite assurances – M Ravi

Amended release: by M Ravi Laws criminalising sexual intercourse between consenting gay men have been recently struck down by the Indian Courts where our Penal Code originated from. Singapore is also the only country where same sex is defined as “male” to “male”. The equivalent of our Section 377A is Section 377 in Malaysia and India which is not male …

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Latest MTI statistics – Heading towards growth or recession?

by Leong Sze Hian I refer to the latest press release published by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). It announced that Singapore economy is expected to grow by around 15.0 per cent in 2010 and by 4.0 to 6.0 per cent in 2011. It claimed that the biomedical manufacturing cluster is “expected to recover with higher production of …

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GPI a more holistic indicator of economic well being: SDP

Andrew Loh / Leong Sze Hian The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), helmed by secretary-general Dr Chee Soon Juan, unveiled its alternative economic programme for Singapore at a pre-election rally last Saturday. (See reports here and here.) The party’s economic model, laid out in a 47-page publication titled “It’s About You – Prosperity and progress for every Singaporean”, pinpoints several problems …

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PAP has utterly lost its way: Dr Vincent Wijeysingha

Transcript of the pre-election rally speech by Dr Vincent Wijeysingha of the Singapore Democratic Party on 13 November. We thank Dr Vincent for providing us with this transcript at our request. My friends, It is an honour to have the opportunity to address you again, my fellow Singaporeans, who share with me a love and a concern for the future …

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