Daily Archives: 2010-11-18

Defamation action – shield, not sword

– By Crystal – The F-word, also known as ‘freedom’ in some circles, becomes rather dangerous when it precedes two other words to form The Phrase of Death – FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Nobody talks about it and even though I am merely typing these letters, my fingertips are already overcome with Orwellian trepidation. However, perhaps the brouhaha surrounding the Shadrake …

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Want things to change? Send strong signal to PAP

Diary of a Singapore Mind: The above article from our very own “fair and objective” Straits Times quoted MP Teo Ho Pin [picture, right] saying that his ward Bukit Panjang is safe, he has not seen a gang fight in 14 yrs and wants residents to be pro-active, take responsibility and give information if they see suspicious activities. Later in …

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