YPAP – Hearing only the good stuff?

On 17 November, Young PAP posted the Straits Times article on Alan Shadrake’s sentencing on its Facebook wall.

The posting sparked off a debate regarding the credibility of Alan Shadrake’s book, Once A Jolly Hangman.

Two of The Online Citizen’s editors – Andrew Loh and Joshua Chiang – weighed in as well. (see an excerpt of the exchange below):

A few hours later, all the posts by Joshua Chiang and Andrew Loh had disappeared, leaving Edward Tay seemingly replying to ghosts. They were also banned from posting further comments on the YPAP Facebook group.

A case of YPAP not wanting it’s members to develop critical thinking?

While we appreciate the fact that the administrators of the site have the authority and the right to do as they please, we nonetheless are puzzled why the posts by us were deleted when what we posted were not personal attacks and were not out of issue.

We’ll let our readers decide.

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