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MND vs NMP: Are HDB flats really affordable?

Minister for National Development, Mr Mah Bow Tan, writes a regular weekly column for the Today newspaper every Friday. In his articles, Mr Mah explains the issues and policies of his ministry, namely on the matter of public housing. We feel that it is necessary for readers to have a counter-view to what Mr Mah says. So, each Monday, we …

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World’s opinion of Aung San Suu Kyi

“She is a hero of mine and a source of inspiration for all who work to advance basic human rights in Burma and around the world.” Barack Obama, President of United States of America “An inspiration to the world.” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon “I can think of no better way of underlining her courage, sacrifice and importance than to …

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The working poor

Speech delivered by Dr James Gomez at the SDP`s pre-election rally on 13 Nov 2010 at Hong Lim Park. Fellow Singaporeans, friends, ladies and gentlemen. Today we are here to launch SDP’s Economic Programme – It’s About YOU. I am so happy to see so many of you here today. This clearly shows that we can effectively use new media …

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SDP unveil economic programme for Singapore

Andrew Loh – In its second pre-election rally at Speakers’ Corner on Saturday, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) unveiled its economic strategy for Singapore, one which apparently the party will be campaigning on during the upcoming General Election.  In a 47-page publication titled, “It’s About You”, the party laid out its alternatives to the Government’s economic policies. SDP secretary-general, Dr …

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