Daily Archives: 2010-11-12

Gazetting of MARUAH as political association ‘politicizes human rights’, says MARUAH chairperson.

“Human rights are universal and inalienable, and should not be hijacked by politics,” said MARUAH chairperson Braema Mathi in an email correspondence with The Online Citizen. “Indeed, it is this very act of gazetting us as a Political Association that politicizes human rights, and inappropriately so.” On 12 Nov, Today reported that the human rights advocacy group has been gazetted …

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Freedom of speech – two views

From the Today newspaper: A delicate balancing act Shadrake case sends signal about importance of acting responsibly in the public domain Letter from Cao Yilun 05:55 AM Nov 15, 2010 I REFER to the court case in which British author Alan Shadrake has been convicted of contempt of court for some passages in his book, Once A Jolly Hangman: Singapore …

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