Pork barrel politics – again?

We believe the ruling People’s Action Party will, once again as it had in past elections, resort to pork barrel politics to win votes in the next General Election (GE).

In GE 2006, the PAP government dished out its “Progress Package” – money in cash worth a total S$2.6 billion – deposited into Singaporeans’ bank accounts just a week (on 1st May, Labour Day) before Polling Day on 6 May.

“The Progress Package recognises the contributions of all Singaporeans,” Lee Hsien Loong said then. “Every adult Singaporean will receive at least $200 of Growth Dividends and many Singaporeans will receive more.”

Its pork barrel politics also included massive HDB upgrading plans. (See our report here)

In recent weeks, announcements of estates improvement programmes have also started to appear in the news (see screenshots below).

We will keep a record of similar handouts and giveaways by the PAP in the lead-up to the next election.

We begin with the news that opposition-held ward, Hougang, will receive lift upgrading, as reported by the Today newspaper on 1 November – the day after the Prime Minister disclosed that the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee has been convened.

Today, 1 November 2010


9 September 2010

9 September 2010

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