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Clutching at straws – Shanmugam’s hollow defence of PAP media myths

Pritam Singh In a talk entitled “The Role of the Media: Singapore’s Perspective” delivered at Columbia University on 4 Nov 2010, Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam perpetuated the same well-rehearsed myths that justify the PAP’s ironclad grip on the mainstream media in Singapore. The Minister was spot-on about one thing though – the arguments he raised were a function of …

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London’s novel way of helping the homeless – give them money

From The Economist: Cutting out the middle men The most efficient way to spend money on the homeless might be to give it to them Nov 4th 2010 WHEN the workers in the City of London head home each evening, a hidden legion of homeless people shuffles out of the shadows to reclaim their territory. The Square Mile has more …

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‘Vui Kong’s story changed it all for me”

Kirsten Han “I never really thought about it.” That was the answer I gave my French teacher back in 2005 when he asked me if I supported the death penalty. I remember this exchange well, and have thought of it often this past year, sometimes with amusement and other times with shame. I remember that he had been horrified. “How …

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Address emotional disconnect among youths

The following is the unedited letter which Mr Gerald Tan sent to the Straits Times which published an edited version of it on 8 November. (See screenshot below.) We thank Mr Tan for sending us the full version of his letter, as follows: I would like to thank Mr Benjamin Chiang for voicing his commitment to defending this country. I …

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