Daily Archives: 2010-11-02

Left Hand Dunno What Right Hand Is Doing?

“Singapore is the one place where you will have a roof over your head.” Dr Vivian Balakrishnan Minister For Community Development and Sports “Flats are affordable” Mah Bow Tan Minister For National Development “It (homelessness) cannot be resolved simply by granting homeless persons rental flats.” HDB officer to New Paper, 29th Oct

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Re-post: Annuities for Singaporeans, pension for ministers?

The following article was first published in 2007, amidst the debate on changes to the CPF scheme. With the current spotlight on the retirement issue and the government exhorting Singaporeans to “work longer to save for old age“, we thought it would be good to revisit the matter and consider the disparity between ministers and ordinary Singaporeans when it comes …

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